Elon Musk’s Tesla Model 3 reigns in everyone’s heart

Tesla Model X

Let’s talk about the Model 3 today, it’s been overshadowed a bit by some of the other cars in the Tesla lineup over the past year, like the Model S and Model Y, but the good old Model 3 is still among the best cars on the market.

With some new updates that are just rolling out around the world, the Model 3 has managed to become an even more compelling vehicle and is easily the most bang for any electric car on the market, so let’s find out why we do. You can start with the new naming structure for the different variants of the model.

The term standard category plus is gone which is awesome because it’s hard to tell and anyone who wasn’t around for the original launch of the Model 3 didn’t know what a plus was talking about anyway, so now The base level is the Model 3 only.

It is under the category of rear wheel drive. If you want dual motor and all-wheel drive in a Model 3, you can come up with longer range or performance depending on which aspect. Priority to ize pretty simple easy to understand rear wheel drive Model 3 is where the real changes take place for 2022.

It’s basically a whole new car even though it looks exactly like it did for 2021, the first thing we’ll notice is that the range has gone up while the acceleration performance has gone down we now 272 The EPA range of miles that have 18-inch aero wheels installed is nine extra miles compared to 2021, dropping it to 267 with 19-inch sport wheels.

Which also adds 1500 bucks to the price if you want to have the best of both worlds you can remove the really weird looking hubcaps from the aero wheels and you have great looking black rims on the bottom just buy a kit for the cap Need to turn them off it’s like 30 bucks.

You lose some range when you take the hubcaps off but you can always put them back on for longer trips. When you want the extra miles a little Tesla life hack also has acceleration times 60 mph for you above which It’s not so good that it’s now 5.8 seconds instead of honesty.

It’s still really good for a base model single motor rear wheel drive electric car, the new top-tier model of the Volkswagen ID4 with dual motors and all-wheel drive is doing 0 in 60 seconds so the price is therefore a The list price of the Model 3 has actually increased to $7,000 since early 2021.

38 to grand. This is unfortunate but in many ways it is justified so basic economics says that if the demand for a product is high and the supply is low then the price will rise and that is exactly what happened with Model 3. The Hertz car rental company has certainly played.

A role in offsetting that demand, but without them swooping in to buy a million cars would still have more demand for cars than Tesla that won’t change unless they’re actually pumping in the new Gigafactory in Texas. Don’t receive the one who probably still has.

Years away then there are other external factors like rising material costs inflation labor shortage supply chain breakdown and all that fun stuff affecting so much more than electric cars right now, just wait until Black Friday this year when enough to go Stuff isn’t going to happen really fast for those angry mobs.

Anyway Tesla has thrown us a bone so far by offering a midnight silver metallic paint color at no extra charge which is awesome if you don’t like a white car. Have saved a thousand rupees to come back to the performance numbers.

There is a major change behind the change in the 4 spec in which 4 have been made with the Model 3 which essentially makes it a complete new car which is better in almost every way. The latest version of the Model 3 retains all the advanced features from 2021 onwards.

So there is no chrome on the body or gloss black interior Tesla’s Octo Valve heat pump is being used to keep the HVAC system as energy efficient 4mas possible and the Model 3 comes with HEPA air filter, although it is designed to achieve bioweapon. Not big enough for.

Protect mode for other Tesla vehicles and each trim level comes standard with a power lift trunk lid introduced in the first half of 2021 and continuing through 2022, the Tesla Vision based Autopilot system that means 2022 unlike previous versions of the Model 3. Model 3 coming without radar sensor.

That’s why all the advanced driver assist features in Autopilot are being run on camera vision alone. Tesla’s artificial intelligence team says this switch actually reduces the amount of noise in the car’s inputs by 2022. This makes the Co a smoother and more confident autopilot system.

The Model 3 has been changed to an LFP or Lithium Iron Phosphate based battery cell for the US market, a configuration that has been standard in China for 5 Teslas since production began in 2020, but this is a new battery for North America.

The cell is only found in the rear wheel drive Model 3 and it brings many changes over the previous battery. Up to now the battery used in all Model 3s was a cylindrical lithium ion cell with NCA chemistry which means nickel cobalt and aluminum. The cell format is called 2170.

It is used by other high-end EV makers such as Rivian and Lucid, but Tesla makes its own customized version of the cell in partnership with Panasonic at its Gigafactory in Nevada, This particular type of battery is very energy intensive and efficient. On the other hand it is also very slow and expensive to produce.

We have LFP battery cells made by a Chinese battery supplier called Cattle because they use regular old iron in place. Out of those rare fancy metals LFP cells are comparatively much cheaper and easier to find, but consumer What does this mean for.

Most well and only one downside of the advantages of LFP cells is that they are much stronger than regular lithium ion cells with nickel cathodes, anyone who has had an electric car before will know that they are actually needed every day. No need to charge the battery to 100, you should only do that.

Easy Points:-

  • You are going on a long journey for optimum battery health you should always limit the charge to 80 or 90 max and even if you do you do everything possible to take care of your battery.
  • It’s still going to lose capacity over time. Real world usage of the Model 3 shows you lose about four percent.
  • Total battery capacity New LFP batteries every year are not as sensitive when it comes to charging 7 percent.
  • You can freely charge the 2022 Model 3 to full capacity every day without worrying about H.
  • The importance of the battery pack doesn’t matter and because iron is such a stable element.
  • Which won’t degrade anywhere near as fast as NCA lithium-ion chemistry, there really shouldn’t be any harm in this.

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