Elon Musk’s Tesla Phone Just Destroyed iPhone 14

Elon Musk’s Tesla phone just destroyed Apple’s iPhone 14. Days after the Cupertino base company unveiled its latest smart gadgets iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 pro, how the Tesla PI phone destroyed Apple’s iPhone 14 model Pi smartphone, could this be the end of Apple’s iPhone 14?

We explore Elon Musk’s Tesla phone that just destroyed Apple’s iPhone 14. If there is one thing that Tesla products have in common, it is their high quality Tesla cars that are unmatched in the EV industry. The Tesla House is extraordinary and any tech enthusiast can tell you that the Tesla Optimus humanoid is the next big thing in the tech industry.

But before we get there, the Tesla Model Python is destroying Apple’s iPhone, but let’s start with the Tesla Model Pi to see how satellite internet is faster and more stable than the cellular connection used by Apple’s iPhone. 14 is done by the team. This means that the model can work in difficult places like jungles and mountain peaks, unlike the Python iPhone 14.

Which has a limited connection, it is indicated that Tesla will soon receive a major contract to supply the US Defense Forces with Tesla satellite phones. This will be a huge win for Musk’s Tesla as the Pentagon contract will leave any entrepreneur smiling in the bank, no doubt this gadget will facilitate proper communication between military generals and foot soldiers like satellite models internet testing Not enough for.

Python comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi, a technology that Apple does not have, what is more interesting is that the Wi-Fi connection will reach download speeds of up to 200 megabits per second which is incredible. SpaceX’s Starlink will provide satellite internet Elon Musk, the company that provides satellite internet access coverage to 40 countries, has indicated in a tweet that satellite internet ethernet is indeed the future of the smartphone industry.

“We’ve had some promising talks with Apple about Starlink connectivity, the iPhone team is obviously super smart, making sure that closing the link from space to the phone is the best possible way for the phone software and hardware,” he said. Tweeted. Will work well- Space friendly Signal-based vs Starlink Fully simulating cell towers With this fast internet you can download latest movies in a click of a button.

If you are a fan of soccer, you can easily live stream soccer games from the best teams in Europe competing in the UEFA Champions League. The league’s incredibly fast satellite internet connection will also come in handy when you want to play some computer games during your spare time, and if you want to download some of these games and play them offline, the Tesla Python You have been provided with a futuristic cover with the phone.

16 gigabytes of memory compared to the iPhone 14’s 6 gigabytes of RAM. Plus the Python has a whopping 2 terabytes of storage, unlike the latest iPhones which are capped at one terabyte, it’s clear that the Tesla phone is not only better than Apple’s iPhone.

Perform better than desktops and laptops that a lot of people use, in this regard we would not be wrong to conclude that the model Pi is more than just a smartphone, the performance of Python is further enhanced by the powerful processor for mining. Crypto generally when mining crypto such as bitcoin miners use multiple computers.

So it is amazing that Tesla phone can mine digital currencies on its own which is a true testament to the superiority of its processor, you can be sure that Tesla phone will not slow down unlike Apple’s iPhone which hangs and slows down goes. Likely to happen, it is unfortunate that Elon Musk has been a victim of iPhone’s poor performance as seen in an interview.

Where he said this, I was referring to technology that doesn’t automatically improve. People are used to phones getting better every year. I’m an iPhone user but I think some of the recent software updates definitely helped. Since the time it broke my email system quite fundamentally, this is where the Tesla Python puts Apple’s iPhone 14 to shame.

For example, the company has adopted the use of GigaPress technology in manufacturing the underbodies of its cars, significantly reducing the cost of Tesla EVs, in contrast to Apple hiring a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturer by the name of Foxconn for manufacturing. was contracted. Kiya Hai Elon Elon’s Tesla will adopt an independent production style that is affordable, so you can be sure that the Tesla model python will be cheaper than Apple’s latest iPhone.

The latest prices show that Tesla’s Python which goes for only $690 is cheaper than Apple’s iPhone 14 which goes for 8.99. The big factor, most people are expected to go for the Tesla phone as it is relatively cheaper apart from the price.

Tesla destroys Apple iPhone 14 in phone cases. Battery Technology The model comes with Python 7 000 mAh battery which can last longer as compared to 3200 mAh battery capacity of Apple iPhone 14. It is exciting to know that the battery of a Tesla phone can last up to 55 to 60 hours. The battery can only be drained in an interval of 24 hours.

It was expected that the Pi phone was going to have an excellent battery as Tesla was researching how to improve the lithium-ion batteries of their electric cars. If the company can make a battery that can sustain an EV for more than 500 miles, you can be sure they can make an excellent battery for a smartphone that’s too small if you want to power it electronically.

The Tesla phone has some solar panels on the back that convert solar energy into chemical energy that is stored in the future phone battery, just exposing the Tesla phone to the sun is enough to charge it, this Convenience is good not only for phones. Very practical for the environment as well as for the customers and now we will not need to go through wires.

In addition to solar charging, the Tesla Model Python has a photochromic coating that allows it to change color in response to sunlight. It is possible for the exterior of the phone to change color in sunlight after every 30 minutes. The unique coating on the body of the phone is one of the most amazing features of the phone. One of the visual surprises is that the Model Pie bears little resemblance to the iPhone 14, but as promised the Tesla phone will be far better than its Apple rival.

It’s important to remember that former Apple designer Antonio DeRose is the man behind the design of the Tesla phone, A. With Musk’s input, you can expect the talented Antonio to do an excellent job, really showcasing the iPhone Musk’s design abilities. Will produce a better design, cannot be ignored considering that he is also involved in the design.

tesla evs in spacex starship some say the tech billionaire is a genius but he is a genius just like all other tesla products the tesla phone is designed in such a way that the simple t logo on the back it’s tesla’s trademark Is the epitome of high quality stuff, many people would agree that in the world of tech you can never go wrong with a Tesla product.

You just have to admire the pride with which Tesla car owners drive their vehicles, this one would be no different. Apple users who won’t hesitate to brandish the Tesla logo on their phones, Tesla’s revolutionary logo is now overtaking the sensational Apple logo next to the T in the tech industry. Asla logo is the fingerprint scanner of the phone, it is difficult to understand why Apple’s iPhone does not have a fingerprint scanner despite being in the market for a long time since 2007.

When the legendary Steve Jobs ushered us into the world of smartphones, the good thing about fingerprint scanners is that it makes it very easy to unlock your phone, whereas python users would be just tapping to unlock their phones. On the other hand and iPhone users have to deal with Face ID which gets it wrong half the time and takes forever to unlock the phone and sometimes you even have to use your passcode to unlock it.

Although you can easily unlock the Dragon using a fingerprint, it is more secure than the iPhone. Tesla’s engineering team and software developers have made sure that their phone has a very advanced security system. It is essential that the Python of the Tesla model will be used in the mining of Mars Coin, a digital currency that will be used in Musk’s colon.

As mentioned in the first video. The Tesla phone will use a satellite Internet connection provided by Musk’s other company, known as Starlink, that serves to secure the independent phone and, more excitingly, the phone’s built-in Wi-Fi and the iPhone.

Since this is exposed to public Wi-Fi connections, it is recommended that you avoid public Wi-Fi connections as much as possible as a way to reduce your chances of being hacked, it is clear in this video That Tesla model python is the best phone ever made unlike any other and it will definitely destroy the recently released iPhone 14. What are your thoughts on the Tesla Model Pi phone, is it a smartphone you can consider buying.

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