Elon Musk’s Urgent Warning: ”Delete Facebook NOW, You Are Not Safe!”

Elon Musk’s Final Warning to Delete Facebook Ever since SpaceX blew up one of Mark Zuckerberg’s satellites in its early days, there was a tussle between SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg that went on for quite some time.

Now this feud has definitely given us some amazing moments for the viewers in which we get to see Elon Musk coming out as a true badass who is the king of his world but this time Elon Musk solves the problem of Facebook We do.

Spacex Tesla Starship or actually multi-talented and billionaire Elon musk this time in real form we get into legal drama at the end of bad memes and whether or not they will create chaos that would put even the best rom-com to shame Elon musk Announced that Twitter has been acquired for $44 billion.

There is little doubt that Elon Musk on Thursday night sealed the process of taking Twitter private and ousting some top executives, including Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal. Along with Vijaykade, General Counsel Sean Edgar was fired and cleaned house. While it’s still an aggressive and casual day on the spot, it was inevitable when you look at Agarwal’s well-documented skirmishes and a failed virtual meeting with Elon Musk.

It’s also not surprising that Ishwar Dey was one of the first to speak out about the fact that he was one of the company’s most respected figures before this pretext targeted a top Twitter executive, In which his role was accused of being leftist. Partiality. The policy decision has been a rocky one in its path to taking Twitter private, to say the least. Earlier this year, Musk became the first owner of Twitter by buying 9.2 percent of the company in 3.

Billion and it wasn’t until April that he really got serious about it, though he didn’t stop there more than 10 days after the CEOs of Tesla and SpaceX announced their intention to acquire Twitter for $44 billion. In a major blow, Elon Musk agreed to the deal but a few days later he cooled down and pulled out all the stops to back out of the deal, resulting in the parties taking the matter to the Delaware Court of Chancery. I was forced to And after experiencing some embarrassing pre-trial discoveries, the deposition date is just days away.

Elon Musk announced that he would eventually follow through on what was planned. The legal team is reading the tea leaves about their upcoming trial which was originally scheduled to begin on October 17 as part of their trial against Elon Musk over the summer.

To this Musk responded by accusing Twitter of baseless allegations that the company misled him about the number of automated accounts on the platform, a critical number for advertisers and brands that has been heating up Delaware following the proceedings between Musk and Twitter. For want to target your paid ads to human eyes. Court of Chancery Judge Kathleen McCormick made it clear she would have no patience for Musk’s unsettling shenanigans in early October when Musk announced once again that he intended to buy Twitter.

If she was able to kill the upcoming trial judge McCormick though was only willing to agree to a deal if Musk could close the deal by Friday October 28th If Musk had missed the deadline we would all have been Elon Musk’s official The first day of ownership would have to wait for the new Musk Twitter test dates, scheduled for November. Twitter is also unclear about the direction it plans to take when it comes to the platform.

It’s no secret though that the funniest and most often-contradictory billionaire Musk has promised to restore former President Trump’s account on the platform and a Reddit of all the automated bots that personally annoy him because he’s on Twitter. is one of the most followed users and has been praised as a neutral base on Twitter. Square to cover criticisms of traditional media outlets, which at times don’t cover his moves in an appreciative light, according to Evelyn Devic, an assistant professor at Stanford Law School.

Mr. Musk has discovered what Mark Zuckerberg discovered years ago. According to him social media companies all face pressure from users, advertisers and governments alike and there is always convergence around this common norms and processes, which you are forced to say during a TED conference in Vancouver. This year, Musk alleged that Zuckerberg had too much influence over public debate because he was the owner of Meredith, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and other social networking sites.

She said that in terms of media ownership I mean you have Mark Zuckerberg who owns Facebook and Instagram and WhatsApp and will have a share ownership structure. 14th Mark Zuckerberg is still controlling those entities. In fact Martin Sorel, one of the most important figures in the advertising industry, has said that the biggest concern in online advertising does not involve Elon Musk’s Twitter, but the real concern in online advertising.

Responding to a question about the weakness of digital advertising during the Web Summit conference in Lisbon Portugal on Thursday, Martin Sorel, founder of WPP plc and chairman of S4 Capital plc, said that meta is the issue according to him Snap and Twitter they are not rounding errors at all But each of those two platforms account for about one percent of the global digital media, it is their view that Alphabet Inc. Meta amazon.com Inc. and Byte Dance Ltd. Tik Tok are the four major digital advertising platforms in recent times.

Meta and Amazon both saw their shares humbled in response to missed earnings expectations, but they said this isn’t a route the billionaire should be taking Twitter private for 44. The billion-dollar announcement in the wake of Musk’s controversial acquisition has led S4’s customers to take a watch-and-see approach toward the platform. The week Citing an unnamed source, Sorel said on moderation that it is not yet clear from Elon Musk where he is. He said the question is how will it work?

Customers don’t want conflict, they don’t want controversy according to them, they want a stable environment, and what we’ve seen over the past week is a lot of inconsistency, according to Sorel Twitter, which has historically been inflexible with advising advertisers and contracts. The company will listen more and bring a policy for moderation of its tweets in an open letter. In response to Sorel’s statements, a Meta spokesperson declined to comment on the matter during a separate interview. WPP chief executive Mark Reid told reporters that Reid’s views on validation and innovation are in line with Elon’s clients. The advice of his company is to carry on as usual for now.

Promised to build a better Twitter that is positive for our customers, concerns about brand safety should be evaluated against what they do and how it affects the platform Elon Musk or tell us the main tweet Should be because his Twitter profile has now posted a video of him walking into Twitter HQ before the meeting, in sync with the caption that clearly states he is looking forward to a fresh start And it’s prepared for it. However, if Twitter were to lose its roughly 5,600 employees, or 75 percent of its workforce, it would make the social media company unviable for long, according to the report.

Twitter employees are still concerned about the fact that they may lose their jobs as part of the acquisition but as we all know this is the first time that Mr. Musk has owned Twitter, so a successful businessman As who owns companies like Tesla and SpaceX. According to a New York Times report, the company is expected to make several significant changes to the service and business, including laying off some of its 7,500 employees. Twitter employees say we will go through the difficult process of reducing our global workforce in an effort to get Twitter back on a healthy path.

We recognize this will affect many individuals who have made valuable contributions to Twitter, but this action is unfortunately necessary to ensure the company’s success. There was also a lingering message noted by employees that suggested Given that 3,738 people could be laid off as well as the possibility of adding or removing names from the list, although it is not yet clear whether the exact number of layoffs will occur, it is estimated that roughly half of Twitter’s employees will lose their jobs as a result of the layoffs. Willing to lose He accepted that the price of $44 billion is a reasonable overpayment to complete the deal.

Elon Musk will pursue a combination of his own funds as part of Musk’s plan to raise about $13 billion in loans and debt, which he must now repay Twitter’s teams were directed to reduce funding for cloud services and servers so that it could save a billion a year in infrastructure costs as part of their plan to make money. On Twitter they have proposed a number of proposals including a plan to charge for verified badges and developing an Everything app that will combine multiple platforms into one mushy verified badge is an excellent revenue generating strategy rather than just answering ads.

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