Finally Elon Musk Unveils The New Tesla Model 3 Update

Will tell you about the latest Tesla Model 2 updates that you didn’t know before so make sure to watch the video till the end Tesla Models tried on new airless tires from Goodyear and went to the test site Goodyear Airless Tires Tested Durability Then they a.

Tesla Model 3. Electric car Feels confident on track and maneuvers perfectly with Goodyear Airless Tesla Model 3 tires flawlessly across the track a . The speed of 88 kms slashes h but if you look closely, the car behaves.

Different on the road than in cases and there are pneumatic tires when the car suddenly changes direction inertia occurs after a blow At the same time the car body begins to sit In 2024 Goodyear will launch airless tires in mass production Their main difference it is.

There is no air inside. It is worth noting the fact that there is no pressure control in the new product Remember that Goodyear is preparing another innovation for the tires of electric cars that charge batteries. Adjust the type of roads Surface Tesla electric cars have USB ports this has become for many.

The disappointed Tesla Model 3 and Model Y . Buyers of electric vehicles said that their electric cars lack USB ports on the center console and rear seats that wireless charging doesn’t even work on recently released cars Tesla claims.

The shortfall is due to the lack of connectors. Subtle missing parts are promised as soon as they are installed to all buyers. Tesla began selling electric cars on November 11th without USB ports from the moment users have searched.

Some Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric cars do not have ports installed on the center console and next to the rear seats although there are technical holes for them Tesla representatives promise.

As soon as the required parts are available it will not be before December they will make an appointment with the buyers and install the missing USBC although the company has not provided any written guarantee at the same time not all Tesla owners were informed that no USBC Will not done.

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