Following its resounding success in Shanghai and its success in China, electric auto giant Tesla plans to build another Gigafactory in China

Following its resounding success in Shanghai and its success in China, electric auto giant Tesla plans to build another Gigafactory in China, reports company CEO Elon Musk after denying reports of a factory building in Russia I have come.

Musk said in a recent tweet in 2021 that the company hasn’t decided on a fourth location for its Gigafactory, but now several executives have pointed out that a second Chinese gigafactory is in the works, why Tesla built a second factory in China It will be the place where 25,000 Tesla will be manufactured where the factory will be.

Gigafactory’s Shanghai Tesla plans to begin production at the new Gigafactory Shanghai within two years to expand its manufacturing presence in China, which the automaker had tabulated to an annual production capacity of 450,000 electric vehicles.

Activity in Shanghai is arguably the fastest production ramp in the history of any automobile manufacturer, with factory efficiency allowing Tesla to convert Gigafactory Shanghai into its new export hub instead of the Fremont factory, although reports of a new Gigafactory in China by September 2021 In are from reliable sources of Tesla.

The company has denied rumors of it being in China and has said only that there is actually a second Gigafactory in the works a month later, with similar speculation going on in China where the media recently announced that Tesla had taken over from Qingdao Tesla’s official site. had opted to locate his next factory in affairs and pr established in China and another location in the country.

Grace Tao denies that Tesla chose Qingdao, although she appears to acknowledge that a second factory is in the works Weeks Tesla began offering Chinese customers auto finance options to build their vehicles.

Among the packed features is the more affordable five-year loan for teen drivers with no down payment and an annual interest rate of four percent, which eventually raised the minimum down payment to 10 percent, fearing that new The buying rush will overwhelm an already dire supply.

Situation Tesla said in a statement that the zero down payment loan resulted in an increase in vehicle orders, which according to a Tesla sales manager at HKRI could prevent it from providing an excellent customer experience due to long waits for delivery of cars.

Taikuhui Showroom in Shanghai A high order backlog prompts Tesla car buyers to wait at least six weeks before receiving their automobiles in China with Tesla’s demands to reach new heights due to their delicious loan option A second gigafactory may be necessary as the company cannot meet the demands.

In the local market, the Gigafactory in Shanghai, as previously reported in 2021, has been converted into Tesla’s main export hub. b This means that a lot of the cars produced at the factory will be shipped for sale overseas, with another factory rumored to be in Qingdao.

It would be perfect for Tesla’s production and sale of electric vehicles, especially the 25,000 electric hatchbacks that Tesla’s primary objective is to build a factory in China in the long run. Tesla will boost its production capacity in China due to increasing demand.

David Zhang, an automobile industry researcher at North China University of Technology, said some time would be needed to make a final choice on how to implement. Planning due to the efficiency of the Shanghai factory and regulations in China which facilitates the construction of large scale factories.

Tesla is planning to set up a second manufacturing site in China and it is clear to see why this differs from the reasons mentioned above. The trade war between the United States and China, which has seen the Asian country impose tariffs on various American goods, has been forced to boost pricing on its S and X models, according to Bloomberg Tesla. Its second largest global market.

Chinese government sales of electric hybrid and fuel cell vehicles totaling 777 000 units in 2017 could exceed 3 million in 2021. Its target for 2025 is 7 million Teslas, which is now 3 percent of the market.

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