Geraldo Rivera Vows To Never Return To ‘The View’ Due To ‘Toxic Whoopi Goldberg’

In a fitting twist to a day’s drama, Geraldo Rivera, a veteran journalist best known for his illustrious career at Fox News, made a bold vow. Oath? ‘The View’ won’t take the stage until undeniably vivacious co-host Whoopi Goldberg graces the panel.

Looks like Rivera checked “The View” off her list faster than she could swipe left on a questionable dating profile and called him “toxic.”

The entire saga unfolds at the pace of a telenovela plot. Rivera took a leap of faith into the vibrant world of ‘The View’ after her stint at Fox News. However, as it turned out later, this leap was brief. Who knew ‘The View’ would be such a huge leap for Rivera?

It’s interesting how Rivera, who has weathered political storms and heated debates, chose to label Goldberg “toxic.” One wonders if he is making the mistake of thinking of his former news channel as a serene spa and The View a nuclear reactor.

One thing’s for sure, it looks like Goldberg has had the same effect on Rivera that jalapeño has on a vanilla ice cream lover – spicy, overpowering and downright shocking.

When Rivera first joined “The View,” it was praised as a daring crossover, like adding a splash of hot sauce to a sweet cocktail. He was all set to spice things up with his seasoned approach. However, it seems that Rivera underestimated the intensity of ‘The View’ kitchen, and Goldberg was a flame that was too hot to handle.

The show started very well. Rivera appeared ready to dive into the pool of lively discussions that characterized ‘The View’. However, when Goldberg delivered his articulate perspective and rousing speech, Rivera gasped like a fish out of water.

As the debate progressed, Rivera’s discomfort became apparent. Draw a picture of a cat dumped at a dog show. The atmosphere was tense, the air was full of unsaid words, and the stage was set for one of the most memorable exits in ‘The View’ history.

Then, in the middle of what can only be described as a verbal fencing match, came Goldberg’s fiery reply. It was like a mic drop, a final swing that shattered Rivera’s resolve to stay in the show.

As the show went to a commercial break, viewers were left with the image of a stunned Rivera, looking like a character from a sitcom who had just been pranked. And when “The View” re-aired, Rivera’s seat was as empty as a movie theater during a pandemic.

His departure was so sudden that you could almost see the cartoon-like cloud of dust he left behind.

However, the drama didn’t stop there. In an interview after the show, Rivera announced that he would never return to The View as long as Goldberg was present. Describing her as ‘toxic’, he effectively created a ‘no-whoopee zone’ around her.

Rivera calling Goldberg “toxic” certainly raised eyebrows. The View is known for its vigorous debates, a place where strong opinions are as common as ads on YouTube videos. Labeling a panelist as ‘toxic’ to present a strong argument is like calling coffee ‘hot’ – it’s an essential part of the package.

Rivera’s vow not to return to ‘The View’ as long as Goldberg is there has sparked a flurry of memes, jokes and a wave of stunned disbelief. Questions Raised – Will ‘The View’ Now Come With Toxicity Warnings? Will Rivera return to the safe haven of Fox News? Or will he attend another talk show, this time armed with a ‘toxicity’ detector?

Rivera’s rapid entrance and exit on ‘The View’ was a whirlwind of emotion, dramatic declarations and fiery confrontations. His brief stint will forever go down in the annals of daytime television as a fleeting but unforgettable saga.

So here’s Geraldo Rivera, whose brief stint on ‘The View’ was high on drama and low on duration. While her vow to never return to the show has added yet another twist to the saga, one thing is certain — the daytime television world will never forget the time Rivera confronted ‘toxic’ Whoopi on ‘The View’ did. did, and left the show to a standing ovation.

Whatever his next move, it’s sure to have viewers on the edge of their seats, popcorn in hand, ready for the next chapter in Geraldo Rivera’s epic tale.


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