IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk JUST Exposed Nancy Pelosi’s Dark Corruption!

US Billionaire Elon Musk Shocks the World by Exposing Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Black Corruption Deal Whatever name you have for the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk is certainly a master at exposing black corruption in people.

Remove one of yours and why this is the end of the current Speaker of the United States House of Representatives How Elon Musk exposed Nancy Pelosi’s corruption Elon Musk and Nancy Pelosi are not strange faces to us but come to the introduction Take that Elon Musk the world famous tech billionaire is the founder of AV maker SpaceX and a very avid Twitter user.

It goes without saying that Nancy Pelosi, the self-respecting owner of a social media site, has been on the other side of America for a long time. While serving the Congresswoman though she is now a senior leader of the Democratic Party and Speaker of the House of Representatives Aposhi has proudly served for two terms now how Elon Musk is in any way associated with the US Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Assuming Elon Musk has his ways in the land of opportunity as a US citizen, how could he not be concerned about the sudden rise in wealth of Tesla and Pelosi since their involvement in US politics? The CEO had some concerns, but that’s not where we want to start. Let’s start with the interesting part of how the two started digging into each other’s lives, Nancy’s husband Paul Pelosi stormed into their home. .

Following news that her husband was apparently attacked at their home by a man who was fatally wounded, the tech billionaire took to Twitter and penned an article called The Truth About Paul Pelosi, a Santa Monica news outlet. Posted a tweet titled The Truth Paul Pelosi was drunk again and in an altercation with a male prostitute Friday morning. It’s not clear why Elon shared it when he first saw it and knew that it was not true.

Just days after Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk, his tweet received millions of criticism from across his social media lines, with many alleging conspiracy theories, much to the chagrin of Elon Musk, whose intentions were to embarrass Nancy Pelosi. were with He stated that he was an outspoken speech despot, although his stance was to be challenged by many critics, who expressed fears of the extent to which free speech should be curtailed.

Many critics had already claimed that the site on free speech implementation would give too many examples of misinformation on the platform, adding that there was nothing worse than seeing Elon Musk as a free speech implementer on his platform. Alleging a conspiracy, he has promised to be free of misinformation and continues to spread misinformation with his own tweets.

But wait, we cannot rush to jump to conclusions before hearing the full story as it has been revealed by the critics. The Santa Monica news site is known for posting misinformation and lies, we can’t dispute that. While there’s always some truth to a rumor, Musk has faced some harsh criticism from people like Hillary Clinton.

Crossed with Republicans who should have joined him and reprimanded him for spreading hate and conspiracy theories, he said the Republican Party and its mouthpieces now regularly spread hate and deranged conspiracy theories, It is shocking but not surprising, the violence that resulted we the citizens must hold them accountable for their words and actions.

Although the news of Elon Musk had already spread like wildfire in social life, this new information sparked another controversy as Fox affiliate broadcaster in Oakland, according to other news. The attacker was reportedly doing great reporting in his underwear as usual.

Despite the claim that the Fox affiliate broadcaster did wrong, the news appears to be out of place and that is why Elon Musk was pushing to expose da Pelosi’s side Nancy Pelosi’s RK side said she was at the time of the incident was away and during an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper Pelosi she gave her side of the story, criticizing Elon Musk’s move towards creating such news.

It is really sad for the country that people of high visibility would dissociate themselves from facts and truth like this, he said, adding that it is a blow to those affected by it. yes they clearly don’t care about it but it is destructive to the unity we want in our country since then one elon musk has deleted his tweet but due to misinformation it made a mark while The tech billionaire deleted his tweet without any explanation, he did not respond to any requests to do so.

Unsurprisingly for the comments, however, Donald Trump in his bully style spoke much about the looming case, highlighting the attack, but also some serious comments in what appeared to be a run-off for the Arizona governorship. Why? Shedding light on what may clearly be shrouded in darkness, according to candidate Cary Lake, makes it impossible to protect our children in school. Patronage While he intended to provoke laughter from his audience, you must be wondering how David de Pape managed to sneak into the home of a high-ranking politician from the world’s most powerful country for the record.

Let’s take a look at David Wayne, does he have a criminal record, does he have any history of violence that is blackbooked, there is only one way to know, you will be shocked to know that at the time of his arrest he actually Who is this? Sharing extreme ideas online Are you thinking violent ideas Unfortunately extreme ideas do not mean violence Alleged attacker David De Pappi used his Facebook page to promote an ENT competition which claimed 2020 The election was stolen.

Even though it has been debunked multiple times, plus she had tons of transphobic memes and other links to anti-vaccination websites, well her social media doesn’t reveal a violent person, but we also can’t dispute that Humans have some propensity for violence, although we haven’t heard anything linking David to robbery or violence or any kind of Hitman stuff.

An earlier one had to do with insurrection, but does not explain how David successfully broke into the home of a high-profile individual in the US, unfortunately for the spouses of high-ranking political figures in the US while they were away. Security not available, there can be two conclusions either Elon Musk is telling the truth or there is more to the story than it appears.

Elon Musk made an important comment telling Hillary Clinton that there is little possibility that there could be more to the story than meets the eye and you can be sure there is more to it David Day Pape pleaded not guilty, but was ultimately charged with six charges, which were made up by Musk for bringing such a controversial case entirely at his own peril.

Reputation Don’t you think Kasturi is always careful to burst out with some new lie Let’s give the guy some credit Have you ever seen Kasturi spreading misinformation on social media lines, apart from her anti-vaxxer content of course And if this is the first major misinformation story he’s told don’t you think he wanted to convey something. Thankfully, just one more Pelosi-related incident will make his point clear, this time with Elon Musk a Republican out of the picture.

When Republicans are saying something against a Democrat there are indeed negative overtones already, but this time they will have a Democrat speaking against a Democrat, as a House divided against itself, a left wing Democrats have voted against America. The MP has long been called a corrupt oligarchy that caters only to the elite.

Zahid Bhutar, running to oust Nancy Pelosi, busts Paul Pelosi for drunk driving, says more people are coming to identify corrupt officials, so I ran, you know I’m a politician No, I am an accountability agent, now you must be wondering why Bhutar had the Paul Pelosi case, but let’s shed more light on it, Paul Pelosi was found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol after crashing into Bhutar’s Porsche. Was found to have happened.

It is not clear how this is Nancy Pelosi’s fault, but it will continue, although this did not particularly anger Bhutar as Nancy’s family history of insider trading accused Bhutar of the Pelosi family’s continuing history of insider trading. was and has been critical of the Pelosi family. Drunk driving for refusing to plead any challenge since 1987.

Obviously even more reprehensible. The couple’s stock trades have come under intense scrutiny over the past year, with the speaker admitting that his family has bullish choices on stocks including Micron Technology, Salesforce, Roblox and Google. Admitting that she defended the right of lawmakers to get rich off stocks saying that we have a free market economy they should be able to participate in it, in case you’re lost about that Nancy Pelosi Why so defensive?

Listen to this Some members of Congress proposed banning lawmakers and their spouses from trading stock while this was happening Mr. Pelosi bought $2.2 million of Tesla stock, of course the move caused a lot of tension as Pelosi made a Represented the group that had a dispute of interest case, Pelosi had an estimated net worth of $100 million, and Paul Pelosi. Nancy, on the other hand, has millions in stocks, while Bhutar accuses Nancy Pelosi that her exorbitant wealth separates her from the real struggles of the average Franciscan.

The biggest problem in San Francisco is rampant homelessness, as Bhutar hopes Nancy will stop prioritizing housing as a commodity, a move that has created empty units and isn’t serving the needy. The fact that Bhutar is not getting enough backup for those who needed shelter as well as what he stands for, leads us to draw several conclusions.

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