It Happened Elon Musk Just Showed The newest Tesla Model Y Update

Tesla Adds a Link to Structural Battery in Model Y User Manual as Production Is Imminent Couldn’t reach.

Starting production of the model y at gigafactory in Texas by the end of the year we have seen many signs that production is imminent Now we have another Tesla has updated the US version 0 Model Y user manual and a link to the structure is included.

It is expected that the structural battery will have the biggest difference between the Model Y which will be produced at the gigafactory in Texas from the current version from Fremont. In the factory instead of several battery modules assembled in one battery pack Tesla is planning to use its new one.

4680 cells in a unit a. To make the battery pack with the structural integrity that will become part of the car body this should not greatly affect the experience of the owner but Tesla has updated the user manual with regards to the process of lifting the jack since the lifting points are different .

An update to the user manual indicates that Tesla is preparing to provide a new version for customers. It is still unclear whether or how Model Y buyers in North America will know they will receive a new one. .

Before accepting Model y delivery from Austin or older version from Fremont Since battery affects efficiency expect it will have slightly different features than the Fremont version but Tesla has not yet updated the configurator to deliver these vehicles to customers for the last month a . A model y case structural battery pack designed for a . But was seen.

Gigafactory in Texas There are rumors that Tesla is preparing to start production of the Model Y at the factory within the next two weeks but this is still not confirmed. The first new Tesla model seen at the gigafactory in Texas is produced.

Launched More than half a dozen new Tesla Model Y cars have been seen at gigafactory in Texas as production is expected to begin soon Does this mean that production has been launched Tesla intends to begin production Is.

The Model Y at the Gigafactory in Texas in Austin by the end of 2021 . The start of production at the gigafactory plant in Texas is not only important to the company’s growth but also marks the launch of a new version of the electric SUV with a new Tesla-designed battery and the idea of ​​making the 4680 battery cell larger cylindrical.

Elements and pack them into a modular battery that uses a . It also serves as the structural platform on which you install the car body. CEO Elon Musk described the technology as a manufacturing revolution in the automotive industry making many of these two reasons.

Sure Tesla has begun production of the Model y at the Gigafactory plant in Texas. We previously reported that Tesla is ramping up its mega-casting efforts with some Model Y body factory bodies being seen in late December. Missed the deadline Start production by the end of the year it is now considered inevitable.

Now we have new indications that Tesla may have begun production of the model y at the gigafactory plant in Texas Jeff Roberts who often flies drones A gigafactory in Texas shared a photo of a bunch of brand new model white cars Factory Charged These look brand new from ys models

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