IT HAPPENED! The Cybertruck 2022 IS FINALLY Here!


What’s the most anticipated electric pickup truck of the year, while other brands may try to claim the title number, reportedly doesn’t lie with over a million pre-orders Tesla Cybertruck has admittedly delivered the first unit. Even before it has created a cult, the wait for the truck has become long.

But all that has changed now that Cyber ​​Truck 2022 is finally here, what does the new Cyber ​​Truck 2022 offer and what Tesla has changed in electric pickup trucks, we see how Cyber ​​Truck 2022 is finally here Elon Musk Tesla is the number one electric vehicle company.

That’s why people line up to buy their cars from roadster to model y tesla evs made the public has fallen in love with it, no wonder there was so much anticipation for the cyborg truck, However, according to Tesla executives, the delay has been beneficial as it has allowed Tesla to introduce several improvements over the original Cybertruck that Elon Musk unveiled.

Ed Indeed Tesla Chief Designer Franz von Holssen reiterates that the latest Cyber ​​Truck is well worth the wait, there are exciting additional features and changes on the new 2022 Cyber ​​Truck, although we’ll start with the one that hasn’t turned Tesla into the Cyber ​​Truck. It still seems that alien visitors to our planet dropped it from sharp angles.

The stainless steel body hasn’t changed yet, although Musk acknowledged that the shape was chosen to be completely different from what other truck manufacturers were doing with the steel body providing better protection. Thanks to its large size, Cybertruck will be able to treat other vehicles that way for truck riders in the event of an accident.

The way the steel body is complemented by the armored glass windows that were famously broken during the unveiling ceremony, while no other public display of the strength of the glass you can be sure the design team has done this The Cyber ​​truck is available with just one no-juice.

T two but three electric motors while the single motor truck has rear-wheel drive All-wheel drive in the two and three motor models Tesla claims will go from zero to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and hit 110 mph Will top out at a speed of Rs. The dual motor Cyber ​​Truck will reportedly reach 60 mph in just 4.5 ticks per hour.

Will have a top speed of 120 mph If you’re looking for ultimate performance then you’ll appreciate the Model 3 motor that Tesla says will essentially teleport. All Cyber ​​trucks have an adjustable air suspension, with a top speed of 0 to 60 mph in 2.9 seconds to 130 mph.

Which can be raised or lowered on the fly and offers a ground clearance of up to 16 inches, add to this a 35-degree approach and 28-degree departure angle and the Tesla pickup could prove to be a formidable off-road machine in Tesla’s off-road settings. I have shown pictures of the truck so that you can take this tank of the vehicle wherever you are.

Where adventures take you and when you need to enter secluded places, disconnected from any power sources that rely on Cyber ​​Truck batteries to power your electrical equipment, known as Vehicle 2 Grid technology Which means, technology allows power to be harnessed from the battery.

Power 2: Flowing in and out Battery Tesla’s talking truck usually doesn’t reveal the size and capacity of its EV batteries, although the Cyber ​​Truck will be offered with a 250 mile 300 mile and 500 mile range capability that most The truck is enough for users will use Tesla’s new 4680.

The interesting thing about this is that the ranges were announced before Tesla revealed the new battery, so with the improvements that come with the 4680 battery, we wouldn’t be surprised if the estimated range is significantly increased compared to the Cyber ​​Truck. There is a higher maximum towing rating in popular options like the Ram 1500 while the single and doom motor Tesla has a maximum towing rating of 7 500 and 10 000 pound models with a third motor.

While every Cyber ​​truck will be capable of pulling as much as 3,500 pounds and as wild as 14000 pounds on the exterior of its 6.5-foot cargo bed, the Cyber ​​truck is full of unconventional design cues and unique touches Tesla hasn’t added to the shape of the cabin. Not changed, it is still spacious with six seating under the huge panoramic sunroof.

There’s a minimalist design language with a few buttons and knobs and a low dashboard allowing for detailed visibility as we’ve come to expect from the Tesla A. The large infotainment screen sits front and center and will likely control several.

Regarding the functions of the vehicle including climate control and navigation so let’s dive into the changes and upgrades that Tesla has made in the new 2022 Cyber ​​Truck Remember we mentioned that the Cyber ​​Truck 3 comes in two or one electric motor configuration Tesla has now added a fourth option that will no doubt make the four motorcycle trucks more powerful and expensive.

In fact Tesla has revealed that it will start production with four motor variants which is not yet clear whether the fourth will be an electric motor or not. Also affects the driving range Tesla has a new carbon sleeve motor that is more compact and more We expect the Cyber ​​truck to be equipped with this new motor.

Another change in the new 2022 Cyber ​​truck is the truck bed which was previously made of stainless steel like the rest of the body, although Tesla has switched to a rigid plastic material, this change did not affect the payload capacity of the truck But Tesla has not clarified this.

Why did he make this particular change or what benefits does it provide that may affect the payload you can transport in the future but the change only concerns the size of the load you carry in the bat of the truck The rear glass now collapses allowing you to transport tall items with ease.

Although the dropping of the middle guard separating the bed from the passenger seats has not been confirmed, but again if Tesla noticed the rear glass and dropped it it is likely that the rear guard would have gotten the same treatment but in public. Not yet displayed, it increases flexibility along the length of those things if the rear guard also drops.

You can move with the truck, it is now confirmed that you will go ahead with the yoke with the truck steering wheel but of course you expected that since Musk has made its own by integrating the yoke in the Model S and Model X Desire was gained, so it may take some getting used to but it is not the end of the world.

If it’s any consolation other carmakers are also going the way of the yoke. For example Toyota has already unveiled two vehicles that are equipped with the yoke, the bz4x SUV and the Lexus RX 480e. A yoke has its advantages anyway. Allows you to see more dashboards since the top is virtually missing as the bottom is missing.

There’s more room for your foot position, making it easier to get in and out of the driver’s seat. More detailed images of the Cybertruck showed that the side repeater cameras in the front fenders were updated. They’re now Tesla’s top-of-the-line cameras. The cameras in other vehicles are similar.

Tesla has used some boring spherical cameras, but the cool factor is back in the new upcoming 2022 Cyber ​​truck, with Tesla also changing the position of the first charging port.

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