Just in: Alyssa Milano’s Temper Tantrum Over Elon Musk Has Cost Her $13 Million…So Far

She was unable to avoid getting involved. Alyssa Milano has destroyed her life in an attempt to say a thing, even though she would have been completely forgotten about if it weren’t for her insane left-wing bigotry.

He made the disastrous decision to swap his Tesla for a Volkswagen, and then he dared to challenge the most powerful man on the planet to a battle of wits.

The amount that Elon Musk has paid for Twitter ($44 billion) is almost equal to Biden’s proposed climate budget ($44.9 billion).
Based on our information, he suffered a significant loss.

The actress-turned-activist has already lost over $13 million as a direct result of the incident, which is roughly $3 million more than her net worth.

He was let go from his UNICEF advisory position and lost his NBC “Who’s the Boss” revival. What else could she possibly be feeling?

When we tried to contact her to get some clarification from her she did not respond as to why she would behave like this. According to her representative Joe Barron, she would not honor “sarcasm” with the response.

The Baron says Flagg must give up his infatuation on her, but Ms. Milano understands that he does. She looks like a rebel with a hangover while she is still smoking hot at 50 years old.

The comment that she’s “a rebel with a hangover” isn’t entirely true, but this reporter was forced to admit that she really is sexy as hell.

Having been sober for more than 31 hours, Flagg is a devoted Tea Party supporter. He is thinking of suing for defamation.

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