Major New 2023 Tesla Model Y Update Sandy Munro Teardown

It’s largely thanks to folks like Sandy Monroe and his crew who have been kind enough to differentiate a brand new Model Y from the Giga Texans and show us what the guts look like—or at least they try their best. We will do exactly what was found inside the Model Y Structural Pack.

Some new information has surfaced about the 4680 battery cell thanks to the limiting factor on YouTube who specifically did their own teardown on the new battery and then we can refer to the 4680 by Elon Musk and Tesla executives. What are you saying about the production ramp and progress earnings call and shareholder meeting.

With that comes real-world findings, of course there are still some known unknowns involved, but let’s talk about everything we’ve learned about the new Model Y and its unique battery system. Beginning with the development of Monroe’s e model y ngineering teardown of the structural battery pack so I know it.

It’s hard to see if you’re an aspiring Tesla owner because they literally take a perfectly good Model Y and cut it out. This could be your car, but instead they chose to destroy it, that’s it.

What this company does, it’s their business model, they reverse engineer vehicles and then sell reports on what they get so if we can get over that it’s really tempting stuff first we saw that You can literally unbolt the pack.

Raise the frame and the entire car off the floor. The seats and center console are mounted directly on the battery pack, as we saw in the Cyber ​​Rodeo, with the interior with the battery pack pre-installed.

Just removing the seat and carpet 38 bolts around the perimeter of the pack hold the vehicle together, we can actually see the battery pack is much thinner than the side profile and the exterior basically rolled on top.

There’s a metal shell with steel sheets and an aluminum tray that forms the bottom and sides but it’s when they finally start to peel off that top sheet of steel that things get weird so a Model Y The inside of the structural battery pack is filled with pink polyurethane foam or plastic foam.

It’s absolutely jam-packed with this stuff and it’s not something one expected to see there, we had an idea that there was some kind of filler material between the cells to act as a heat sink or stabilizer Might be possible.

But this foam is just pinking every component in every electronic connection, meaning the inside of the pack isn’t nearly as good as what we teased at Cyber ​​Rodeo but it’s solid from a structural standpoint.

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