New production equipment will be needed specifically to build the Cyber truck

Tesla Builds World’s Largest Decentralized Battery Latest Cyber ​​Truck Production Development New Tesla Semi Vision and Next Generation V4 Supercharger Leaked So let’s see new reports are emerging.

The latest Cyber ​​Truck acquisition to take steps to acquire production equipment to make Cyber ​​trucks in 2023 comes from a German manufacturing company that is reportedly familiar with Tesla’s vehicles and facilities.

That follows the German report of Giga Berlin and Giga Shanghai supplying parts and machinery. The new production equipment will be exclusively for manufacturing drivetrain units, with the machines needed to manufacture the Cyber ​​Truck.

Expected to be deployed at the Gigafactory Texas in early July 2023, the machinery is reported to be capable of producing approximately 750 000 drive units per year.

Which would match up fairly well with Elon’s previous build of 250,000 Cyber ​​trucks per year, estimating that most Cyber ​​trucks will have two motors and the top spec version will have a four-drive unit deal.

The timeline is in line with the latest development from Gigapress manufacturer Idra, which assembled the first 9000-tonne press at its headquarters in Italy. This machine will be used to cast the rear body section of the Cyber ​​truck that makes the bed.

This unit will still need some time to be shipped and reassembled in Texas. SpaceX has announced that their latest product is now available to consumers.

Starlink Marine This is a high power variation on the Starlink satellite internet terminal that can deliver up to 350 megabits per second download speed to a boat while out at sea, applications here go far beyond allowing the wealthy to watch.

Youtube on their boats This technology can be offered for cargo transport oil rigs of merchant ships.

Starlink Maritime allows you to connect to the most remote waters around the world while working in the office or facing extreme cold heat, hail, heavy rain and gale force winds in addition to Starlink’s rocket engines against it.

Starlink is currently being used to obtain high quality video of SpaceX rocket landings at sea, providing continuous coverage in front of the engines capable of generating.

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