New Tesla model seen in preparation for delivery at Gigafactory Texas

New Tesla Models Seen in Preparation for Delivery at Gigafactory Texas Why Dozens of New Tesla Models Seen Cars Apparently Preparing for Delivery at Gigafactory Texas Delivery of the first Tesla structural battery seems inevitable.

Tesla recently confirmed that the first build new Model Y cars were produced at the factory at the end of last year, we also recently reported that Tesla intends to have the first new Y models produced at the factory by the end of the quarter. is to be given, which is most likely in March.

We have seen some signs. that delivery is indeed imminent over the past few weeks. Gigafactories fly their drone over Texas.

Dozens of model-wide cars appear to be in transit, with about 100 Model Y cars ready for transportation—and coming out of the factory at the end of last month—with Tesla yet to begin deliveries of these vehicles. Regulatory approval was not received for

But it is believed that approval is imminent. As we previously reported, the start of Model Y production at Gigafactory Texas is not only important to the company’s growth, but also for an electric SUV with a new Tesla structural battery and 4680 battery cells. Also marks the launch of the new version.

The idea is to produce large cylindrical elements and pack them into a single modular battery that also acts as a single battery. The structural platform on which you install the car body CEO Elon Musk has touted the technology as a manufacturing revolution in the automotive industry.

Tesla hasn’t revealed yet how the new architecture will affect the features of the new version of the Model Y, but it is expected that details will appear soon after the EPA and Nitza approve the new version for delivery to customers.

Confirms Production of Model Y igafactory texas is currently working on final certification Working on final certification for the new version.

Just as Tesla hasn’t missed its target of actually starting production at the Gigafactory Texas by the end of 2021, the company has confirmed its new earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2021 saying it has sold the Y model to the Ys. The assembly of the model has begun.

Gigafactory texas in late 2021 debuted at 2:55 It should come as no surprise that the past few weeks have seen several fully built Model Y cars at gigafactory texas, with Tesla confirming that it is now the last of the new Awaiting authentication.

We plan to begin delivering the Austin-made version of the Model Y to customers as we reported last week, sources familiar with the matter told Electric, Tesla to begin deliveries after final certification of the Austin-made model. It is now targeting to start shipping the new Model Y by the end of the quarter, perhaps by the end of March.

However final approval depends not only on Tesla and may be postponed. No buyer has reported receiving a Win for the Model y from Austin in q4 reports to date Tesla has released several new photos of the Gigafactory TX Released that shows some progress in deployment to production facilities.

The last photo shows one of the innovations Tesla can directly attach to the seats to simplify the assembly process thanks to the floor-mounted structural battery pack of the Austin car body built into the new Model Y while Tesla hasn’t exactly confirmed It is expected that the new Model Y in Austin will have new 4680 cells in the structural.

The package almost made the distinction that the first new model manufactured at Gigafactory Berlin would have 2170 cells Tesla is now being investigated by Nitza for the problem Phantom Autopilot has braked the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Nitsa has confirmed that it has launched an investigation into Tesla’s phantom braking problem under Autopilot. It’s a problem owners have been complaining about almost a year ago in November.

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