Owners of older Tesla Model 3 loaded Teslas offer them to install an electric trunk lid drive

Owners of older Tesla Model 3 loaded Teslas offer them to install an electric trunk lid drive, which costs six hundred thirty twenty twenty Tesla Model three and previous models are not equipped with an electric trunk lid. Said to be one of the most popular by the owners.

Tesla Responds to User Requests The company said that an official service has been launched in China for the paid installation of electric trunk lid drives, the cost of the service is six hundred and thirty dollars. Car owners can make an appointment directly in the Tesla app or locally. You can contact the owners of the old ones from the Tesla Service Center.

Tesla Model Three Weighted Tesla offers them to install an electric trunk lid drive It is worth noting that the electric drive is installed by third-party companies but Tesla uses original parts and claims they will last a long time. Will last till

In addition the advanced electric trunk lid supports the animation of opening and closing an intelligent anti-jamming function on the screen and also has a three-year warranty, it is worth recognizing that such a price is quite enough for more than thirty five thousand dollars. The car is launching a new automatic electric trunk for the Tesla Model 3.

The update is available till 2021 at the official service centers. All Tesla cars with the exception of the Model 3 had automatic trunk lifts. You had to use your own elbow lubrication power to open the Model 3’s trunk. I know how dare they. This prompted some Tesla owners to go after-market third party products to have an automatic electric trunk. has prompted.

These products will have to be installed by the owner or a third-party store which isn’t ideal. Tesla CEO Elon Musk actually said the automaker is working on service centers, for a limited number of people, to install power lifts on the Model 3. Ited capabilities were the first indication that Tesla was actually planning to offer the service.

Now Tesla is launching it as a product offered by its official service centers in China, the automaker announced via its official Weibo account Tesla Electric Tailgate Upgrade Service Official Service Original Spare Parts.

Professional installation of equipment Long awaited electric trunk upgrade or older car owners Here’s your voice We’re all listening carefully to what aftermarket upgrade services you expect Tesla to provide the process for getting an update I also released a video which costs Rs.

Equivalent to 650 US and can be ordered via the app like all other services, the upgrade is a bit more expensive than third-party products but does include installation, it is currently only available in China.

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