REVEALED! 2022 Tesla Model 3 Is Going To Be Your Favorite Tesla Because Of THIS

wheel design, a power trunk lid, guess what? Wireless charging for two devices too! Although there are plenty of cars in the market that cost less than Tesla and have similar features, none can beat the effects and benefits you can get from its OTA software.

Ranked as the best-selling car in the UK in December 2021, we have the California-based company’s very own Tesla Model 3. With the ideal mix of performance, exceptional driving range, and accessible pricing, the Tesla Model 3 itself I have a bomb.

The best part of all Teslas is what it tries to live up to its name, and the new Tesla Model 3 is all about the hype! This car is fast! And for avid drivers who want a little bit of thrill while riding, that just might be the thing.

Let’s start by exploring the exterior of the car. As you look at this beauty from the outside, you can see that this sedan is about 4694 mm long and 2088 . is mm wide. Including the door glass, it looks much smaller than the established junior cars like the BMW.

Series and even Audi. However, thanks to the low nose, tapered rear, and luxurious glasshouse, it looks like a Tesla. Or at least that’s what makes it different from standard cars. The car also comes with a Model S nose and tail. So technically, from the outside, it seems.

A scaled-down version of the Tesla Model S looks like a beer glass from below. Yeah, I know that sounds like a weird way to express it, but hey, it’s what it is! Talking about the battery capacity, the company has been silent on it for one reason or the other.

It’s been a while since any battery details were revealed about the new Tesla. Whatever it is, it’s still awesome! Talking about which, now let’s talk about the most exciting part, yes, the performance! Provides WLTP performance of the entry-level Tesla Model 3.

305 miles. Yes, that’s a lot! But the best part? It can extend the performance and go up to 340 miles of performance. And of course, surprisingly, the longer range comes with the most extended version, which is about 374 miles! Speaking further about the performance, it is a well known fact.

All Teslas are fast and at the very top of their acceleration capabilities. Although Teslas are very fast, the Model 3 is somewhat behind when it comes to Tesla’s regular speed. For the entry level Model 3, it can go from 0-60mph in under 5.3 seconds.

However, the long-range version of the car can do this in 4.2 seconds! Though the entry-level model is rear-wheel drive only with a single motor, the other two top models come with a dual motor and guess what? Yes, all-round dreams! OK, now it’s time to watch.

Everything is minimal in the interior of this sedan! I’m not sure if you guys already know this, but the Tesla Model 3 has no keys. Either you use an RFID card to access the car, or your smartphone can do the job. Oh yes, that’s great.

Vehicle is also different when it comes to door handles. Yes, the door handle is relatively thin chromed. Even opening the car door is another cool feature. Now you must be thinking, how can opening a car door be any different.

Unlike the rest, the Tesla Model 3 car door starts with a single yet straightforward door switch. It almost looks like an electric window button! When you step in further, you get the feel and view of a spacious, minimalist cabin. Of course, the windscreen is captivating.

The Scooty is relatively low, too, which means you can get a clear idea of ​​what’s next without even sitting on a high pedestal. The car’s floor is perfectly flat, and the full-length glass sunroof makes the sedan more bright and airy. Now comes another exciting part.

Center Console. Tesla is known for its unique and different steering wheel. And as we all expected, it’s sublime! I mean, take a look at all Teslas! They are all beautifully weighted and luxuriously precise stunning steering wheel! When it comes to Tesla Model 3.

With a pair of roller knobs. The other thing to mention here is how there are no other buttons on the console. However, the doors do come with four window switches. There’s also a button for the electric backrest and squab adjusters. The Tesla Model 3 also comes with a 15-inch screen.

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