REVEALED! Tesla Model 3 CHEAPEST Electric Car Now Starts At $47,000

So make sure to stay tuned till the end to know more about the Tesla Model 3 and its new price. For Tesla, the Model 3 is the most effective vehicle because it is the Tesla Model 3 that brings in more customers for Tesla because it is the cheapest Tesla.

which no one can buy. For anyone who is considering buying an electric vehicle, the Tesla Model 3 would be the best option given the vast supercharging network we have around 25,000 superchargers.

whole world. That number is going to increase when there are more Teslas on the road. But before we get started, be sure to subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon to be notified whenever we upload a new Tesla video.

With all this, let’s get started. For so many people, buying a Tesla Model 3 over another electric vehicle makes a lot of sense because the charging infrastructure for an electric vehicle is as important as the fast, high-quality electric vehicle that makes up the Tesla Model 3. best choice. is available.

If you want to buy electric vehicle. But then there’s a problem, and that problem is the base model Model 3’s price tag. It starts at $47000!! That’s a lot more than the original price tag of around $35,000 when it launched.

The Tesla Model 3 was introduced in 2016 as an affordable electric vehicle offering Tesla will cost around $35,000, making the Tesla Model 3 at least 34 percent more expensive than it was three years ago.

Everything is getting more expensive, all thanks to the ongoing Ukraine-Russia conflict, which has caused skyrocketing fuel prices in the United States, and will lead to massive inflation, resulting in a rise in the prices of everything. Others will grow too. It’s funny to think about this fact.

The reason for the increase in fuel prices can also be the prices of electric cars. Another reason Tesla is raising the prices of its vehicles is the huge demand. Yes, Tesla cars are hugely popular, and given the skyrocketing gas prices, the company saw a huge jump in orders for its vehicles.

So the additional demand for Tesla vehicles has put Tesla in a position where they can demand more money, and people are willing to pay. You also need to consider the fact that many tech companies, including auto makers, are still grappling with global semiconductor shortages.

Several worldwide supply chain issues are still ongoing, making it difficult for Tesla at its $35,000 starting price tag as there has been a lot of competition since the unveiling. Tesla’s flagship vehicles have always avoided price hikes for some time.

But it looks like even those vehicles are getting revision in their pricing. Over the past two years, Tesla has been implementing several price revisions, most notably on the Model 3 and Model Y. Elon Musk has already announced on Twitter that both Tesla and SpaceX are looking into the matter.

Inflation, resulting in an increase in the price of Tesla vehicles. Tesla vehicles also saw a gradual price increase throughout 2021, and then just when we thought things would stabilize in 2022, Tesla surprised the first week of March with the first price hike of the year for all but the additional $1000. fee is being charged.

Equipped with long range battery pack. The Model 3 rear-wheel drive, which happens to be most of the line-up, received a $2000 increase, bringing the price closer to $47,000, which is huge. Even the Model 3 dual motor, all wheel drive saw a price hike of $2500.

This brings the effective price to approximately $54,500. The Model 3 Performance trim also saw a significant increase of $3,000, bringing the Model 3 Performance price to $61,990, which is huge. The prices of metals used in the manufacture of cars have increased over the past two years, including.

Aluminum which is used for bodywork, Palladium which is used in catalytic converters, Nickel and Lithium which is used to make electric vehicle batteries. There is no doubt that electric cars are the next big thing in the automotive industry, and many people are considering buying electric vehicles as a daily driver, especially given rising gas prices. 4:58 Keep in mind that Tesla is still new

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