REVEALED! Why Tesla Model Y will be the best selling EV of 2022

Tesla Model Y confidently occupies a leading position in the automotive market. The compact SUV became the world’s best-selling EV in January 2022, becoming a huge success that was predicted by Elon Musk himself. So how has the Model 3 managed to capture the market in such a way.

a short period of time? And how will it continue to dominate the auto industry in 2022? Let’s find out all the details as to why the Tesla Model Y will be the best-selling EV of 2022.

Make sure to watch the video till the end to know more. And don’t forget the latest Tesla Model 3 news for more amazing videos about how our compact SUV quickly captured consumer sympathy.

That’s why Tesla CEO Elon Musk has repeatedly expressed confidence that the Model Y will become the company’s best-selling car in the near future. According to data compiled and published by CleanTechnica, the Tesla Model Y was the world’s best-selling electric vehicle in January 2022.

The popularity of American SUVs has even surpassed the super-affordable electric car driving the HongGuang Mini EV, which costs around $4,500. According to the data, Tesla sold 32,700 models, while China’s Wuling only sold 26,682 Hongguang mini electric vehicles, 23% less than the US.

Manufacturer’s model. At the moment, Model Y sales are limited only by Tesla’s ability to produce them; However, with the start of production in Giga Texas and Giga Berlin, the situation will change dramatically. Production is starting in both of Tesla’s new factories.

With the Model Y, which over time will contribute greatly to the active saturation of the hot automotive market with compact SUVs. The success of electric vehicles in the automotive market is remarkable, gaining 10 percent market share in January.

According to Car and Driver, the Tesla Model Y is the best EV of the year so far because it combines great range with the benefits of Tesla ownership. It’s a similar story in the luxury compact SUV category that the Model Y plays. The Model Y had almost 5 times more sales than the Lexus NX.

The Tesla Model S is also back on the scoreboard in 2021, ranking third among luxury and high-end sports cars. It had 10.4% of that market. And remember it wasn’t available for most of the year. So, can the Model Y become the number one selling car in the world in 2022?

Tesla Model Y sales are on the rise. The pace of development of the Model Y is remarkable and a testimonial to consumer support for the all-electric crossover. Its full complement of features, especially sophisticated, owner-focused over-the-air software upgrades, are the real winners.

There are several interesting topics to drive up the sales of the Tesla Model Y that are essentially being sold without an advertising campaign. Its 63.9? Height is approx 7? higher than that of the Model 3. It has the allure of an SUV without the model along with a hefty price tag. Having access to a network of Tesla Superchargers.

The reason being the capable fast charging is a real plus compared to other EV models. The best infotainment system includes most driver settings. The reservation continues at a time when Tesla is not eligible for federal EV tax credits, all of which reinforce the model’s degree.

Y’s success is based entirely on its value and potential. Tesla also includes unique technical features like Native Mode and infotainment systems that are very different from anything else on the market. A perfect example of the unique features of the Tesla Model Y is the Bioweapon Defense Mode.

Bio Weapon Defense Mode filters harmful particles through a HEPA filter in case of a Bio Weapon attack. The Chinese Model Ys already includes this feature, and it is coming to the US Model Ys. The Tesla Model Y is the smaller of the two Tesla SUVs.

But there’s still a lot more, two independent electric motors that digitally control torque at the front and rear wheels, according to Tesla, that provide excellent handling, traction and stability control. The Long Range, the actual base model, has an estimated driving range of 330 miles when equipped with standard 19-inch wheels. Compact EV zips from zero to 60 mph

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