Elon Musk said the Tesla bot is more important than Tesla vehicles

Elon Musk just said that Tesla bots are more important than Tesla vehicles because of what if robots hold the secret of humanity’s long-term existence Elon Musk is promoting his latest project Optimus also known as Tesla Optimus Is. There is a design concept for a fully autonomous humanoid robot that will blend in with … Read more

Tesla Model Y – Why The Texas Made Model Y Is About To Take Over

Tesla Model Y Some of you may have heard that there is something different about the Tesla Model Y which is being built right now at the brand new Gigafactory in Austin Texas and some of you may already know what the difference really is, electric vehicles. The next major step in technology is currently … Read more

Tesla $10000 Car – Elon Musk unveils Tesla’s coolest and most attractive looking model

Tesla $10000 Car So let’s know, Elon Musk is making a lot of progress in the field of Tesla, which seems to be no one to compete with Tesla, many people buy a Tesla car because of the quality of Tesla cars and all the exciting features. These potential buyers are held back by the … Read more