A Tesla employee has leaked an update on Tesla’s Gigafactory in the United Kingdom

Elon Musk isn’t taking his foot off the pedal after successfully completing the Gigaberlin opening as a Tesla employee has leaked an update on Tesla’s Gigafactory in the United Kingdom. Many things are currently dragging Tesla down in the UK, so we can expect some significant progress in the coming days after a Tesla employee … Read more

Tesla Giga Berlin – Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Is Officially Open

Tesla Giga Berlin Tesla’s Giga Berlin factory has certified and produced vehicles that they will deliver to customers from March 22. Tesla began to flood the European market with its vehicles and was one step closer to becoming the largest automaker in the world. While it hasn’t been an easy path to open Giga Berlin, … Read more

Why The Gigafactory Is Tesla’s Most Important Invention

Gigafactory Let’s talk about what Tesla Gigafactory actually does Along the path which you are choosing.  It’s clearly working for them at a much higher level than the paths taken by their competition, but what sets Tesla apart is how they continue to accelerate while their peers build their product. crumble under the weight of. … Read more

Elon Musk: Elon Musk’s Deep Dive Inside the Gigafactory Texas

Elon Musk Let’s know in detail, what Elon Musk said, which got people excited, and people started shouting. (Elon Musk) – This is now our sixth major factory and now we are in three continents, so for us North America We have two major vehicle plants, one awesome factory in China and one in Europe. … Read more

Tesla Gigafactory Texas – The new Tesla Giga factory unveiled

Tesla Gigafactory Texas Let’s go into detail, Tesla began building a Giga factory outside Sparks Nevada in June 2014, the name Giga factory comes from the word giga, a unit of measure for billions, which is being built in phases so that Tesla is ready. could begin production within the classes immediately and then continue … Read more