Elon Musk said the Tesla bot is more important than Tesla vehicles

Elon Musk just said that Tesla bots are more important than Tesla vehicles because of what if robots hold the secret of humanity’s long-term existence Elon Musk is promoting his latest project Optimus also known as Tesla Optimus Is. There is a design concept for a fully autonomous humanoid robot that will blend in with … Read more

Tesla will resume deliveries of the Model X and Model S outside the United States in just one year

Tesla will resume deliveries of the Model X and Model S outside the United States in just a year, as most automakers focus on supplying the more expensive and profitable Models this year, but Tesla plans to intervene in the case. So the first quarter saw no production of Model X and Model electric vehicles … Read more

Tesla curious video, which people were stunned to see

Recently a curious video appeared on the network that tells how the Tesla Model 3 drives right down a deep reservoir published on the Vue YouTube channel and what is happening there. No details have been given about it, but on a closer look, some unusual details can be found in this Tesla. A short … Read more

You will be surprised to see Elon Musk Tesla helicopter

Elon Musk’s recent Tesla helicopter unveiling could not live up to the expectations of many who turned up so watch this video till the end and learn more about Elon Musk, just found out that Tesla helicopter is finally here Is. Large long-haul flights to be ready by November 2040 are unlikely to be electrified … Read more

Elon Musk REVEALS Tesla Model Y Hidden Features!

Tesla has been in the hype for producing fast, efficient, sustainable and of course eco-friendly electric vehicles. The Model Y is one of the many successful cars Tesla has built under the leadership of its genius CEO, Elon Musk. So, how much will the 2022 Model Y cost? How fast is this? And what are … Read more

Tesla Model Y: This Model Of Elon Musk Is One In A Million, See How

Tesla Model Y The new Tesla Model Y 2022 has a feature that will make it the best Tesla ever made with current problems in the EV industry, notably chip shortages and the war between Ukraine and Russia taking its toll on nearly every EV industry Tesla has taken. Would have just pulled off another … Read more

The 2022 Tesla Model Y With 4680 Cells Is Here!

Tesla Model Y Elon Musk has promised an autonomous Tesla in 2022. Confirmed directly from Tesla that the initial run of the Model Y SUV from Giga Texas will be equipped with new cells and structural battery packs Alone confirmed that Tesla has been building several Model Y units at the Gigafactory Texas in recent … Read more