Tesla CEO Elon Musk will now buy Mercedes car

Elon Musk & Tesla

Let us know in detail, whether Tesla Daimler was named the most profitable buy for Tesla, will Mercedes-Benz led by Elon Musk buy Daimler allow Tesla to quadruple the production of its cars and The media will continue to discuss the news that Elon Musk is not against it.

Buying some of the company from makers of conventional cars with internal combustion engines and linking it with Tesla was a lot of speculation, but Reuters agreed that Daimler AG, the maker of Mercedes-Benz cars, would be the most profitable buy. Daimler was named the most profitable buy.

Will Tesla Cars Get Cheaper Over Time?

Mercedes-Benz will come under the leadership of Elon Musk for Tesla when analysts use the exclusion method to determine the most suitable company to buy. GM and Ford are not suitable because they produce cars for the mass market. While Tesla still belongs to the premium segment.

Tesla cars will of course become cheaper over time but Toyota doesn’t think immediately. Also the company is actively developing hybrids and in general as practice shows any Japanese company’s manufacturers of super and hyper cars. It’s not that easy to buy, they produce very few Tesla cars.

European Volk swagen are already well immersed in the topic of electric vehicles already selling very well in Europe ID is on waypoint 4 and here the further electrification of the model range VW competes on its own without outside help. Does buying a BMW would be a good option.

But family management worries that Daimler may not approve a deal that leaves Daimler AG the world’s largest manufacturer of business and premium-class cars, an audience of German and American companies agreeing that with Daimler. The close collaboration will allow Tesla to increase production of its cars around the world.

How Much Billion Is Daimler Worth Now?

In addition, the Germans traditionally occupy a strong position in Europe with respect to Mercedes-Benz cars and in Asia the distribution of their cars. The conservatism of the management structure will have to contend with and Tesla’s reputation as a maker of eco-friendly cars will suffer.

But in the long run, both companies could interestingly benefit Daimler purchase of Elon Musk, may not even require shareholders’ approval, although such approval is required when the number of shares in free circulation is 20. percentage increases, the market value of Tesla is fixed at $500 billion.

Its value as a whole Daimler is now only 76 billion ie Tesla will have to convert about 15 of its shares into money Daimler Elon Musk is thinking of buying the maker of traditional cars Tesla chief Elon Musk is considering buying the maker of traditional cars. The billionaire has said that the company has enough money to buy BMW Volkswagen or Ford Tech Crunch Rights.

The head of the publishing house, Axel Springer, said in an interview with Atheus Defner that he doesn’t want to start a hostile takeover. Said that the question of buying is not lack of money.But the question of Tesla’s willingness to make such a move, the company which will be included in the SP500 index on December 21, is now the world’s most expensive automaker, overtaking competitors that produce a lot more cars per year, Musk had warned employees about the risk.

The company’s shares plunged. Employees should focus on making profit and cutting costs. Businessman believes billionaire urged employees to carefully control expenses in attack on Tesla, a billion-dollar Mercedes-Benz There is zero shortage of electric cars, Elon Musk says Daimler parent company Mercedes-Benz last week announced a billion dollar investment in the production of electric vehicles and batteries in the United States.

Will build battery factory to make package?

Because as with any new EV investment from an older automaker, the media described it as an attack on Tesla, but Elon Musk, Tesla CEO and largest shareholder, isn’t too concerned about it, the German automaker is set to begin production of the Ally within the next five years. is investing $1 billion in ctric vehicles money in the United States will go toward retrofitting its Tuscaloosa plant in Alabama to produce electric vehicles.

Will build a nearby battery factory to produce packages for these cars and export them to produce other electric vehicles, a rare drive to produce electricity on a large scale. But Musk argues that it’s not really such a big investment compared to the size of Daimler, adding that he wants them to add $10 billion to their investments in electric vehicles.

The German automaker invested $50 million in Tesla in 2009, an investment that according to Elon Musk may have saved the startup from bankruptcy, with Mercedes also working with Tesla to build an electric power train for a bevy version of its B-Class hatchback. But in 2015, Daimler sold its shares for more than a decent profit.

They ended the contract with Tesla, they have started work on their own electric vehicle programs and now we are starting to see results when the first car Mercedes-Benz EQC an all-electric SUV hits the market in 2019. Come on, Musk isn’t wrong. Daimler’s revenue last year was over $180 billion so a billion dollars is nothing to them.

Easy Points:-
      • it’s not their only investment, it’s what they’re investing in the US. Earlier this year, Daimler announced they would spend 11 billion on 10 new electric vehicle models by 2022.
      • Zero Mask has also recently built its new battery factory for electric vehicles in Germany and is investing $740 million in another battery factory in China.
      • I have no doubt that Daimler is serious about producing electric cars but Elon Musk is still right. Daimler core business and most of their assets are still related to gas-powered cars.
      • That’s why they are very cautious about any investment plans such as production volumes of electric vehicles that could hurt this business. Mercedes-Benz likes to remind everyone that they invented the internal combustion engine.
      • It becomes even more difficult for them to accept that this is a dying technology hopefully they will recognize it soon and at that point we should start over.


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