Tesla Complete Self-Driving – It’s the Most Dangerous Software Ever

Let’s talk about Tesla’s full self-driving status It’s always a fun topic as it inevitably raises a lot of controversy aside as it is the most dangerous software ever.

On the other hand it is the most important invention of the 21st century and luckily we have got some very important updates from both sides of the argument Tesla’s fsd beta version 10.12 is falling with major update like new investigation into so called Tesla crash again making headlines And it comes at the same time.

While we’re learning that traffic deaths will hit the highest number in 16 years in 2021, there’s a lot to digest here and let’s try to figure out what’s going on with full self-driving. And find out if technology can really help us save people’s lives.

Let’s start with the latest software update for beta testers this is version 10.12 this is one of those much anticipated updates as it brings with it a lot of new features this is sti an incremental step forward there won’t be a full refresh that soon Likely to come with version 11.

So we’ve got release notes for the new software and we’ve got a couple of hours of in-car video from beta testers that I’ve gone ahead and noticed you don’t get some really cool new additions with 10.12, Most of the visualizations we can now see on the display when the door of a car is open shows that Tesla knows the difference.

Between a closed door and an open door and that factor can be taken into account as it decides and we’re also seeing turn signals on other vehicles we see on display for the first time, try to consider a useful factor. Take the time to judge how the other cars are going to behave.

As far as improving driving goes, the release notes specify that the car should be more confident in making unsafe left turns and moving through yellow lights, it also makes reference to some very specific areas where Tesla has rolled out the new Video clip and auto.

For example, labeling to improve performance, they write, improved the recall and geometric accuracy of all lane presentations by adding 180,000 video clips to the training set and improving the accuracy of the parked feature on vehicles by adding 41,000 clips to the training set.

Cases captured by our telemetry of 10.11. If you add them all up it looks like Tesla used at least 250 000 new video clips in this one update If you are not familiar at any point the fsd goes bad and requires intervention from the driver If so, the car will save a few seconds of article.

Before and after the incident and then upload it to Tesla for review Testers can manually flag and report certain incidents while driving, and in some cases Tesla engineers can send post of a certain condition to all vehicles in the fleet. Will broadcast a request for

Can ask to record each Tesla on the road and send them a post of a moose on the road or a canoe tied to a minivan, then all those clips are labeled by a person or an auto labeling supercomputer and then That data trains itself.

Driving neural net Elon Musk recently said that truly achieving fully autonomous driving would require billions of miles, similar to what we’re seeing in real-world video recordings.

ew software in action It certainly looks pretty smooth in most situations, but still has a lot of issues with those edge cases. Left turns still look pretty sneaky on entry like the car is having trouble fixing it. Whether she wants to go or not but once decides.

Certainly sending your way quickly and confidently through turns is a huge improvement if it seems like the biggest issue with system performance in the latest video is that the car is still very sneaky in tough conditions such as ‘ Don’t know what to do it will either slow to crawl or stop completely in the middle of traffic which is not great.

It is even better than going the other way where you have a robot car that is driving very recklessly. I have only seen one instance in the latest update where the car tried to transform itself into a solid object.

Which is a great improvement as it used to be a regular fixture in these videos, most of which were major failures with the fsd beta. Seems to be more involved with mapping and navigation right now.

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