Tesla curious video, which people were stunned to see

Recently a curious video appeared on the network that tells how the Tesla Model 3 drives right down a deep reservoir published on the Vue YouTube channel and what is happening there.

No details have been given about it, but on a closer look, some unusual details can be found in this Tesla. A short 30-second video shows how a red electric car traverses the lake like a motorboat.

During the maneuver the wave completely submerges the whole car but Tesla’s face floats as they say swim blindly but if you look closely you will see a small motor attached to the stern, which may be a motor boat or The amphibious vehicle was borrowed from.

It can also be assumed that the electric car was additionally protected from moisture entering the interior and the power plant, although these are only conjectures as no details about the EVs are believed.

This video with Tesla in his chin was filmed during an event dedicated to electric cars. So electric cars on water cars with internal combustion engines can be explained by the fact that Teslas drove through flooded roads more successfully than non-electric cars during heavy rains in China.

The electronics are reliably protected from moisture at the factory and the engine does not require air to function. Remember that the Tesla Model 3 is a car that doesn’t have a lot of clearance, yet it confidently goes through water barriers.

Affects spectators at high speeds Experts believe the electric car passed a number for example an engine-like device at the stern for correction before going into the reservoir. This is an electric car from a boat. The plant may note that the network has repeatedly shown videos with the participation of Tesla electric cars that freely pass through water

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