Tesla Cyber Truck Latest Updates You Didn’t Know Before

Tesla Cyber ​​Truck Latest Updates You Didn’t Know Before So Be Sure To Watch The  Finally A New Prototype Of A Cyber ​​Truck Pickup Truck Was Filmed In The Tesla Landfill Side Mirror. A huge wiper blade was visible, the body design has also changed.

Elon Musk said that the brush is the biggest concern. According to him there is no easy solution that is not retractable. A retractable wiper under the hood would be an ideal solution but it is difficult to implement. He also explained that the law makers should have a side mirror. Must be supplied with cars but owners are allowed to modify.

He was asked by Elon Musk why the company does not use a patented glass cleaning system using a laser, he replied that lasers can do anything New lighting devices are also installed on this prototype Elon Musk of the hood. Used to steer the car with a LE ruler on the side.

The more familiar headlights of a different layout appeared on the prototype, the prototype also shows three small orange dimensions that are located between the headlights, which are required for installation on cars with a width of more than 80 inches (203 cm).

Looks like this is going to be a big deal in those tweets Musk clarified that this is not the final version of the car, there will be a few more changes before mass production, it is expected that the first deliveries will start in 2022 Publicity Demand Cyber ​​lander module has become very popular.

Which the manufacturer collected in September of this year $100 million order We wrote about the Cyberland project which is a compact add-on for Tesla Cyber ​​Truck Cargo. Platform It unfolds with the help of a telescopic mechanism.

Which offers the minimum required to live in nature, the other day the developer made some interesting statements in just a few months that the stream involved has collected an incredible number of orders worth $100 million for a pickup option that isn’t.

Eve became serial as well as the manufacturer announced that all customers making reservations would be able to buy the company’s shares themselves. If you make a deal before December 30, the other 10 securities would be disclosed. This is a kitchenette with all the necessary equipment. turns into.

In a full working area that can also become a dining room, there is also a sleeping place and a full toilet with shower, the starting price of the option is ninety nine thousand nine hundred and ninety five dollars three million six hundred eighteen thousand rubles so far from two thousand More people have made reservations leaving a deposit of one hundred dollars.

Assembly of the five thousand dollar Tesla Cyber ​​truck has been postponed several times and even as the final production form of the electric pickup is yet to be presented, the long-awaited model should be on the assembly line next year at Tesla’s Another residential superstructure has been invented for

Cybertruck which is just pickup, too late Tesla Cybertruck prototype was unveiled in November 2019 and: initial plan assumed actual sales would start later this year but due to pandemic and global shortage of electronic components it is too late The border was postponed.

Although third-party companies are already developing additional equipment for a futuristic truck, the Form Camper team has shared computer images of a futuristic residential module on an actual prototype, which is already underway, the first working The copy will be shown closer to the middle of 2022 which is particularly interesting. that the add-on is not only compatible

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