Tesla Employees Just LEAKED The $15,000 Tesla Model 2

Tesla Model 2

Tesla may release a budget model without a steering wheel and pedals, it will run only in autopilot mode Elon Musk promised to start production of a new Tesla model in 2023 worth twenty five thousand dollars, the first copy of it already assembled It’s over.

It is known that it will be a compact hatchback with an electric power plant, which according to rumors should have been called the Model 2, although the head of Tesla denied that the budget electric car would be called differently, it would be known all over the world. and there is a chance that the novelty will not get either a steering wheel or pedals.

Tesla chief Elon Musk held a shareholders meeting, in which he shared some details about the company’s near future, in particular he noted that the budget electric car won’t be called the Model 2 at all.

The entrepreneur did not specify exactly how the novelty would actually cost twenty-five thousand dollars and should be put on the assembly line in 2023 if these plans were not a hindrance. Furthermore, due to the lack of microelectronics, Musk noted that he would be without a steering wheel and pedals. K is considering making an electric car.

It could only run in Autopilot mode but the full self-driving package would only get more expensive as it improves production Tesla Roadster was postponed again Tesla chief Elon Musk held a shareholders meeting, in which he called the company In particular, he noted that the budget electric car will not be called the Model 2 at all.

tesla model 2

Exactly how did the entrepreneur do not specify that the cost of the novelty will actually be 25000 and it should be put on the assembly line in 2023 if these plans are not hindered by the lack of microelectronics.

In addition, Elon Musk said that he is considering making an electric car without a steering wheel and pedals so that it can run only in autopilot mode but the full self-driving package will only be more expensive as it replaces Tesla’s plan with an electric one. Improves to provide such a low price.

The car through the use of innovative batteries with new types of materials that will reduce the cost of a kilowatt hour in production by almost half and increase the power reserve by 16 compared to current batteries with such a power source , the novelty will travel by 400.

560 kms without recharge and the European version may get a smaller battery with a power reserve of around 250 kms, the hatchback for Europe will be assembled at the new Tesla plant around Berlin, so Tesla will get a cheaper model as soon as possible. shall issue.

Since last year it has been actively discussed that Tesla is preparing to release a car that will take a place in the front lineup of the model, perhaps a little more modest in characteristics. In a serious blow to the already existing Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt, little is known about the car, although Tesla is very fond of the first hi.

Paying attention to new products and then introducing them literally before production begins Cyber ​​trucks and Roadsters are examples of what would be the Tesla Model 2 The Tesla Model 2 should have an important feature. It should be small but impossible to make in full.

It is behind a coupe because for many people the car will be the only one in the family so it must be functional, it should have all doors folding seats and at least one more or less large trunk, that is the only way it will be Capable of supplanting the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Bolt on the market.

Production should begin in the second half of 2023 in about three years, we are confident that we will be able to build a very attractive twenty five thousand dollar electric car that will also be fully autonomous Elon Musk, the most about the project in 2020 One of the specific statements states when and when the car comes out it can in many ways become a real hit of sales ahead of other versions of the model line.


This will be facilitated not only by the price but also by the interest in some markets like China, the demand for electric cars is huge, but not everyone is willing to spend a lot of money to quench the thirst of this market. You can build a good cash register. And Tesla has every reason to be convinced of success in this sense.

If something goes wrong with the preparation of the Cyber ​​Truck or Roadster it makes sense to push them a bit but to set up full production of the Model 2 in China to collect all the cream from this market and build the car for export. The most profitable Tesla pickups are not popular in China, regardless of the type of drive.

In Europe as in the United States, but a hatchback priced under $25,000 could even surpass Model 3 sales on many continents, even though it brought in less money from each car sold, but in general it was much more profitable. Maybe if it becomes a really massive Model 2.

The first copy of the cheapest Tesla is assembled in China, they will begin assembling a Tesla model that will become the cheapest in the line of cars of the American brand, will be named Model 2 and will cost 25000.

It will be a compact electric hatchback. Production will be opened at Shanghai-based Tesla Gigafactory. Shanghai Serial assembly may begin this year but so far only for China according to the publication Teslarati Model 2 announced by Elon Musk in 2018 It will be possible to reduce according to Musk The cost of production due to the new batteries would be nearly half the cost of a kilowatt hour in production.

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