Tesla Engine: Elon Musk Revealed New Tesla Engine

Tesla Engine

Let’s get into detail, a similar crazier motor to Tesla Electric Motor’s new roadster Elon Musk has teased an even crazier motor with higher revs, engine in a checker carbon shell, on the details of the new Tesla Electric Motor.He unveiled the new Tesla engine in a carbon-coated cage and discussed some of the details about the new technology that allows you to build smaller and more powerful and efficient engines.

The engines are small enough to be carried by a single person and at the same time they are capable of developing insane revolutions during the presentation.Elon Musk briefly touched on the fact that this new engine is the only new car that Tesla developed to be able to make it fiber wound on the rotor under high tensile stress, for the car made by Tesla Automation. The difference between the carbon sleeve to the copper rotor, the other wise it will be weakened at low temperatures due to thermal expansion.

Is Tesla’s New Engine Arguably the Most Advanced Engine on Earth?

The preload stator is also useful for maintaining a precise spacing between Elon Musk, detailing the advantages of the new engine over its predecessors. Its main advantage is a much stronger electromagnetic field than that of the rotor which is usually higher Connected to strength steel, another advantage is that the rotor can operate at high speeds.

The carbon sleeve basically prevents the expansion of the copper rotor due to radial acceleration in the same series of tweets. Tesla’s new engine is arguably the most advanced engine on Earth, but he teased that the automaker is working on something even more powerful for the new Roadster, the engine in a cellular carbon shell probably the most advanced engine on Earth.

Perhaps we have some ideas to further increase the torque and max RPM for the new roads to keep some secrets except maybe in the lab. Ter certainly ahead of the fun and exciting engineering the CEO recently announced of the new Tesla The development of the Roadster will be completed this year to start production in 2022.

Tesla cars have one or two electric motors, depending on the model, for example the rear-wheel drive Tesla Model S is equipped with a three-phase four-pole asynchronous motor top right inverter drive. The rear differential is assembled in an oil-filled part located at the rear of the machine.

What attracted the attention of the electric car?

Driven directly by this device, the car has no clutch and transmission, no gear shift, no neutral mode. You have to move the engine forwards and backwards to go backwards. Can start power supply 400v post current comes from battery pack via two heavy orange cables which goes to inverter.

Where it converts electricity into three-phase alternating current, the Tesla Model 3 uses this engine on the rear wheels. An improved version of the transmission was made which appeared on the Zero AC motor car but it did not reach mass production of this car.

But this electric car attracted the attention of Martin Eberhard, a future co-founder of Tesla Motors, who founded the company with Mark Tar penning in honor of the great physicist Nikola Tesla, who would later be joined by Elon Musk, resulting in Tesla becoming electric.

The Roadster therefore appeared on Tesla cars as an asynchronous motor, which has undergone many changes and improvements, the beauty of an asynchronous motor is that it does not require permanent magnets, permanent magnets of sufficient power to rotate electric car engines usually Are made of rare earth material and as you know rare earth.

Is the transistor motor definitely a terrible motor?

Magnets have a large initial cost, such magnets have the property of demagnetization, but the main thing is that the prices of rare earth materials depend on their extraction, which leads to large stock price fluctuations, for transistors Thanks, the asynchronous motor can be used with conventional magnets.

The asynchronous motor uses electromagnet coils of wire that can be switched on and off or switched several times per second for transistors with esoteric names such as an additional metal oxide based field effect transistor (MOSFET) transistor or bipolar with an isolating gate. The transistor motor is definitely a terrible motor.

Tesla engines use an expensive and difficult to manufacture rotor made of copper and the peculiarity of asynchronous motors causes the rotor to overheat and even waste heat which is known as loss.This is very important in an electric car. An asynchronous electric motor is also not as efficient.

At low speeds unlike other motors this technology is therefore open to new solutions that allow the creation of more efficient electric motors, as well as the low cost of this three-phase six-pole permanent magnet motor with switchable resistance to drive the true inverter.

Easy Points:-
      • A gearbox and rear differential center are assembled into a single unit that drives the rear wheels in all-wheel drive models.
      • The Tesla 3 model uses a three-stage four-pole asynchronous motor and gearbox that drive the front wheels directly.
      • The speed of this asynchronous motor is slightly more efficient than that of the PM SR rear engine.
      • It is used to provide most of the torque Tesla Model 3 rear-wheel drive PMSR engine stator and rotor Bloomberg technology to a three-phase 6-pole permanent magnet.
      • Switchable resistance motor PMSRM has higher performance and efficiency than asynchronous motors used in other Tesla cars.

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