Tesla FSD 2022.16.0 Update: Navigation, Energy Prediction & Blended Brakes

Tesla is famous for regular software updates using advanced technology, latest buzz in tech field is about new updates on FSD, FSD computer can provide intelligent display and control.

Which allows for a new degree of safety and autonomy without sacrificing cost or range navigation energy. Predicted Mixed Brake Driver Profile enhancements and Supercharger wait times are included in the all-new update.

The 2022 16.0.2 update was first discovered by Teslascope on a 2019 Model 3 display in New South Wales Australia, since then three vintage model cars, six refreshed Model S cars and seven Model Threes have all received the update.

Navigation Energy Prediction 2022 is one of the new capabilities included in the 16.0.2 release, the tool that estimates how much energy a Tesla will need for your route based on a driver’s route energy prediction has been improved.

By including predictable crosswind headwind humidity and ambient temperature when using Online Navigate, Ion told Tesla that the most recent update also includes blended brakes.

Blended brakes will engage automatically during regenerative braking during continuous deceleration, with officials also having an option according to them, applying brakes to control pedals and steering when regenerative braking is limited.

Enable Mixed Brakes Unfortunately these updates are not available for users in China, the latency of the Tesla Mic has been reduced resulting in a more fluid karaoke experience as they launched the Mic in the month of January this year.

It’s only available in China, Tesla’s driver profile has updated drivers can now link your Spotify or other media player accounts to your driver profile Your driver profile is now linked to your media player accounts.

Just like Spotify login Just log in to your media account while selecting your driver profile Drivers stated in the release note may now see Supercharger wait times, thanks to the latest OTA update te drivers will also be shown less busy Supercharger sites.

In addition to all these updates that will be rerouted to such stations, the Model 3 has two unspecified acceleration lines and the power trunk and the line immediately above the Model Y speedometer reading indicates the amount of regenerative braking green or acceleration black that is occurring.

The line is center neutral, meaning there is no acceleration or regenerative braking, the more the line moves to the left, the more regenerative braking and the further it moves to the right, the more acceleration, the thicker the line .

If your car has a motorized trunk, it’s more visible and easier for the driver to notice in this version, this update fixes an issue that could prevent the trunk from closing completely, so it’s one of the reasons Tesla developed its own There are latest updates for fsd.

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