Tesla Giga Berlin – Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Is Officially Open

Tesla Giga Berlin

Tesla’s Giga Berlin factory has certified and produced vehicles that they will deliver to customers from March 22. Tesla began to flood the European market with its vehicles and was one step closer to becoming the largest automaker in the world.

While it hasn’t been an easy path to open Giga Berlin, it’s actually been extremely difficult for Elon Musk and his company to do so. We all know that Germans are naturally very careful with high standards.

Even Elon himself didn’t expect the result he would get after going toe-to-toe with the German bureaucracy, yet Tesla outclassed it and today we join the story of Giga Berlin Its the eve of the first customer delivery and we will talk about it.

Why is it Brandenburg more than another car factory in Germany On March 4, 2022, Tesla approved the construction of Tesla’s first electric car factory in Europe, but factory construction began at the end of May 2020, Tesla moved the entire plant to Brandenburg.

The jurisdiction that Giga Berlin actually belongs to is technically not the city that it is named after, close to a suburb called Grünheide, but obviously Giga Grunheide or Giga Brandenburg do not carry the same weight for the international market but here the main The point is, the way these approvals work is insane.

Tesla was allowed to build a factory on a pre-approval basis, but they are not allowed to open the factory without final approval, so they do so at their own risk of not obtaining it. The final acknowledgment is that they literally have to take the entire factory apart and return the land to its original condition.

Not even an exaggeration that German law says not to mess about with it, although that outcome was highly unlikely the whole time and Elon Musk predicted a rapid build and setup process that would That will roll out Model Y vehicles from the assembly line in July of 2021.

We are now here in March 2022 and Elon is finally planning its first delivery party. Just weeks after state officials gave their rubber stamp for the entire operation in an official statement, they approved the project with a 536-page decision. Including plant for production of up to 500000 vehicles


Per year aluminum smelting plant and surface treatment heat generation and storage an aluminum foundry scheme in battery cell production an operational waste water treatment plant a fire brigade equipment house a high bay warehouse as well as laboratories and workshops of Giga Berlin Approval documents are also included.

Expert opinions and statements together with the relevant application documents contain more than 23 7 27 pages in 66 folders, so all Tesla’s already manufactured goods are now allowed to remain, although this is a system, although Berlin around Tesla Has become much easier than some other major projects.

The new Berlin airport was finally opened in 2021, following the opening. more than a decade delay yes and the planning process for the airport first started 30 years ago so they do things around there but this experience with tesla could really be the catalyst for a change in the german system .

Officials seem to have realized that the process needs to be negotiated if they want large investments from international companies. Economic Affairs Minister York Steinbach, who has been a champion for Tesla throughout the process, told the Gigafactory. After the final approval of a statement that a company should make if it makes process improvements.

As well as fixes deficiencies in the original proposal, it will not be penalized, referring to some late developments by Tesla, which caused the process to continue until the approval process was delayed in 2021 because Tesla has made a Chosen to connect the cell production building to the factory for making batteries.

The change triggered a new round of public consultation that re-voiced many of Tesla’s critics in the field, who were then allowed to speak at public hearings and file a lawsuit through a German court, the system without offering any does not allow changes.

Consulting and Hearing Steinbach accepted that without all backtracking construction could have been approved within a year and a half, which would be in the summer of 2021, Steinbach also believes that future projects in the Berlin area Fast forward, thanks to the lessons learned with Tesla.

The sentiment goes up to the country’s national government with Green Party leader Robert Kahr in Germany that projects focused on renewable energy in the country should be built at Tesla pace, the whole story of Giga Berlin going back and forth to Tesla in Germany. And among environmental crusaders, who would prefer that no factories ever be built.

Even though there are factories that make electric cars, which is a net benefit to the environment as a whole, these are not the big picture. People earlier pushback was against cutting down trees to make room for Tesla’s construction. promised to change.

With three new trees cut down and they set the goal of creating a better quality and more natural forest, they cut down the site for the Giga Berlin, a man-made forest planted solely for the purpose of mulching .

Turned into cardboard boxes so every tree was the same and they were planted in a very industrial style, locals then reported that the construction site was home to an endangered species of bat, Tesla construction coincided with the mating season for these. will account.

Disturbing that cycle would have been catastrophic for the species, resolving this Tesla was able to relocate the bats to an alternate location while they were still in a late winter hibernation state when the lizards and There were snakes.

Tesla had to stop building the factory because he risked re-disturbing the hibernating lizards and snakes, the animals had to be moved very carefully, they were sleeping so it was the former quite easy and the water was too frightening some people were.

Gigafactory will use a lot of water from the Brandenburg reservoirs and honestly fair point factories such as giant high tech products on an industrial scale use a lot of water Gigafactory Berlin probably as much as a small city in the first phase of its opening Will use only water and till it is completely ready.

While running at maximum capacity, it will likely take until this week for Tesla to get approval. The factory was cleared to use local water, but it was not approved for industrial water use due to ongoing protests and objections.

It’s all clear now and production is underway as we speak here What we know about vehicle production in Giga Berlin trial production By March the Model y had reached 100 units per day at maximum productivity, once factory Suggests run rate of 500 units per week when powered on.

We know it aims to reach 1000 cars per week by the end of April. Tesla is building the Model Y Performance Edition, which is currently being built with the standard 2170 battery pack.

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