Tesla: Giga has started distributing a Tesla Model Y made in Texas to a few lucky employees

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Giga has started distributing a Model Y made in Texas to a few lucky employees. This model y is said to be standard range all-wheel drive and the specs we know so far is that it gets a 4680 structural battery pack with an EPA rated range starting from 59990.

Can go from zero to 60 in five seconds and that’s some new features like magnetic center console armrests and a parcel shelf, now some lucky Tesla Model Y customers who aren’t employees living in the Austin area are getting emails that they Detailed delivery quotation can expedite your model.

You have the opportunity to experience the latest configuration and receive delivery within weeks. Select a Model Y all-wheel drive and experience one of the first vehicles manufactured in Gigafactory Texas and currently available in the area, so I mean that technically it is available a downgrade from the current model y long range.

Tesla’s website starts at 62 990 to 318 miles and 0 to 60 seconds, but the estimated delivery time for one of those vehicles is November to February, so I mean questions for you guys and comments below. Will you take the GigaTexas option and we’ll see what our patrons think about it later in a Patreon poll.

Production ramps up in gigatex and more and more cars are coming out anyway wait time will not decrease or demand rate will not increase so basically production will increase and demand will increase so wait time stay same so my question is they are making only 4680?

You know these standard range all-wheel drive models in Gig Fa Corey Texas and that’s what they’re making now and so if they make more and more of these I think they’re going to expand this area And they’re going to sell them and then maybe at some point on the website you can order a standard range all-wheel drive model y.

The gigafactory is coming from Austin and I mean it’s great because that’s one of the things we were worried about the show was, well, I’m going to order a model, is it coming from Texas? Well, now we know that basically Fremont is going to make the long distance yeah and Gigatex is going to build it.

Standard range and whether tesla is going to use this data about customers to see if this car has the features people really want i mean it’s a pair a lot cheaper but it has a lower range so They’re going to determine you have to use statistical math to see that oh well.

It’s really a live option that a lot of people want and I think it’s kind of smart um you know gigafactory texas needs to ramp up and if they’re ramping up like a model We’re used to long distances, so uhh guys wanna be worried about oh are they going to make enough here.

They’re able to take on essentially a new vehicle because I mean it’s going to have a structural battery pack, which means it’s going to have a gigapress cast, so that’s what you can do with a three-piece set of two casts at the front and back. and then the structural battery pack in the middle and then you just throw the body and paint it white.

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