Tesla Gigafactory Insane Update 2022 Is Here!

Tesla Gigafactory Makes Everything Work Used to be.

To achieve this vision at the level of volume production in the automotive industry or perhaps even manufacturing as a whole, we need to use each gigafactory to its full potential.

We also need to expand the network to include new factories across strategic locations. Country Here’s a look at how Tesla’s Gigafactory locations as well as the legacy plant in Fremont California have looked over the past few weeks at Tesla’s Giga Shanghai production.

But the word on the street is that things are now back to normal and perhaps even better than ever, no doubt in most people’s minds that the entire city of Shanghai ended a very strict lockdown at the end of March this year, its As a result Tesla’s Gigafactory was closed for three weeks.

Tesla returned a shift of workers to the factory and forced them to remain in a closed loop so they could not go out. In May the production facility was expanded into two shifts of closed-loop workers, then on June 1 city restrictions were lifted.

Business was allowed to resume as normal as Tesla’s delivery numbers in China fell to 68 000 units produced in January. It seems that 33 and a half thousand units have been produced in May.

As early numbers for June have been released, it appears that productivity has not only returned to pre-lockdown levels, but could be even higher, with unofficial reports that speculate Tesla is near China. 45 thousand cars delivered so far, this information can be reverse engineered from vehicle registration number and insurance policies.

Although delivery is a separate step from production these cars may have been built earlier and are being shipped right now due to some lockdown constraints, it is still a very strong result, whatever the circumstances, considering the productivity on 1st June.

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