Tesla Gigafactory Texas – The new Tesla Giga factory unveiled

Tesla Gigafactory Texas

Let’s go into detail, Tesla began building a Giga factory outside Sparks Nevada in June 2014, the name Giga factory comes from the word giga, a unit of measure for billions, which is being built in phases so that Tesla is ready. could begin production within the classes immediately and then continue to expand.

Already the current structure has an area of ​​more than 1.9 million square feet with approximately 5.3 million square feet of operating space located over multiple floors, yet the Giga factory is about 30 percent ready upon completion, with Tesla expecting the Giga factory to be the largest building. in the world and will run entirely on renewable energy sources.

Designed as a zero power plant after completion, the facility will be powered primarily by solar power and battery production at the Giga factory is already underway in mid-2018, up to an annual rate of around 20% has reached. This has made it the world’s largest battery production plant at present.

What did Elon Musk say?

Tesla Giga produces more batteries in terms of kilowatt hours than all other automakers combined with increased production at the factory, largely due to the reduction of innovative production waste and the simpler optimization of the placement of most production processes. The cost of Tesla batteries will come down significantly.

Lowering battery costs could make Tesla products available to as many people as possible under one roof that would allow us to have the biggest potential impact on the world’s transition to sustainable energy, with the new Tesla plant in Texas compared to Berlin will start working first.

Elon Musk said the company plans to invest more than $10 billion in the Giga factory Texas plant, which as usual will create twenty thousand jobs, was announced in response to a message from Sawyer Merritt on the official Twitter account.

Who noted that Giga Texas would provide over 10000 jobs in the area, not to mention what an economic boost it would give to the local economy and suppliers. As you can see the qualification made a slight mistake in the numbers.

How did Elon Musk respond?

However Sawyer’s tweet itself was a response to the thesis of Mike Siegel, a Texas civil rights lawyer and Democratic candidate for the US Congress, who criticized the fact that Tesla had received more.

Elon Musk’s answer to over $60 million in subsidies to go to the area was short but extremely brief. Giga Texas is an investment of over ten billion dollars that produces at least twenty thousand direct and one hundred related jobs in Giga Texas.

The first electric car on the assembly line will be the Model Y. The Austin plant is very important for Tesla by expanding its production facilities in such a way that the company will be able to partially eliminate the shortage of cars and throw forces into the development of such a novelty.

For example Cybertruck pickup trucks and semi-truck tractors It is curious that the Texas plant which has already turned 36 Made Terra Fabrica looks like it will go into operation long ago and completely finished Berlin Tesla ventures however officially and fully opened in mid-October.

Insisting that this would pollute nearby reservoirs, the only US plant in Fremont capable of producing about 500,000 cars, with the commissioning of Gigatexas, should miss double the figure.

Some time ago the Chinese NIO introduced its Junior Eight sedan which will become a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3. Delivery is scheduled for September 2022, prices are already known 258000 yuan 3 million rubles A complete set with a battery of 75 kWh is significantly more expensive with the possibility of renting a battery for a car.

How Much Money Will Tesla Spend on the Texas Giga Factory?

328000 Yuan approximately 3.8 million rubles and 386000 Yuan million rubles will be asked for a price list for the 100 kWh option for the top variant has not yet been announced in addition NIOH already announced the presence of 85 in other countries is of.

So Elon Musk’s brainchild will start to have real competitors. Tesla will spend at least a billion dollars on the Texas Giga factory and is expected to be completed this year document shows Tesla will spend more than a billion dollars on a new car.

Produce Model 3 and Model Y cars alongside the company’s future Cyber ​​Truck electric pickup trucks Tesla electric cars have hit the vast California car market, permits show Tesla’s previously announced expansion to the Colorado River is still here The cars are on track to start production.

In the near future and the company is investing a significant amount of capital in the 2000-acre facility, the factory is also an important symbol for the company after announcing plans to move its headquarters from California to Texas in October in Travis County.

Announced in 2020 Gigafactory Developing in Texas As Planned Tesla Said on Shareholding in October Er slides We are in the process of commissioning equipment and building our first pre-production cars Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory as of November 19 Texas is under the construction of documents.

How much money is Tesla looking to spend for its Tesla gigafactory?

Tesla began manufacturing in September and November 2020 at facilities designed for bodywork stamping casting painting complete assembly. The number of cars at the plant that will cover an area of ​​more than 4.2 million square feet, Tesla also operates plants in California, Nevada and Shanghai.

Currently in the process of building a plant near Berlin Tesla has previously said it plans to spend $1.1 billion. Meetings with local officials have yielded a Texas plant and at least $14.7 million in tax breaks.

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said in October that Tesla fits the city and area perfectly. Tesla plans to employ thousands of employees at the plant where we’re going to turn it into a factory that’s going to be amazing.

It’s right on the Colorado River, so really we’ll have a walking or cycling trail above you to do a boardwalk. Indeed it would be an ecological paradise Elon Musk said in 2020 recently at Tesla’s Giga factory in Texas. Preparation for production of the Model Y has gained momentum.

Multiple images leaked from inside Giga Texas Local observer Joe Tetmayer shows these images in test car production line Currently working at Tesla’s giant car manufacturing plant in Texas, the body frames of Tesla Model Y in Giga Texas A test car working over a Tesla Model Y body frame on the production line.

Texas source from early July 2021 Joe Tetmayer Twitter Joe recently received a tip from one of his sources that Giga Texas will conduct its first test and calibration of the Tesla Model Y electric SUV, following a receipt by Joe from the Tesla car factory. The image is Austin dated early August.

Easy Points:-
      • This image shows a pair of Model Y body frames lined up at The Body Shop if we take a closer look at the image above.
      • So we’ll see that a primer layer has been applied to the frame of the Model Y outside The Body Shop.
      • But the frame is still metal inside The Body Shop. There’s probably a lot of activity outside of Tesla’s Texas, too, in the way of applying primer to it.
      • Giga Factory Tesla is also building a test track in Giga Texas in the near future, something we’ll see from Giga Texas racing a cyberattack or two in their latest drone flyby video below.
      • Joe created the following infographic of the plant using a Google Maps satellite view he mapped to the entire area’s sub zones and the current building covered by each facility.
      • Marked with specific areas such as model Y factory cathode battery factory more space and area in acres and hectares of each facility factory and currently being developed.

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