Tesla is currently producing about 5000 Model Y per week at the GigaTexas factory

Tesla is currently producing about 5000 Model Ys per week at the Gigatexas factory later this year.

Tesla has increased production at Gigafactory Texas to thousands of units per week with the addition of the Model Y long range on top of the standard range version.

In the most recent podcast Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that by the end of this year Gigatex could be producing nearly six times as much as about 30000 models per week now, so how can GigaTexas reach such a huge output .

Elon Musk About Tesla and the World of EVs Now let’s get started on today’s content Kiki Texas will soon be able to reach 30,000 vehicles per week of production.

Thanks to the application of the most efficient and innovative technologies in the world today and this building is the most advanced car factory the earth has ever seen alien technology, in fact you know a factory advanced.

If It Looks Like an Alien Dreadnought Landed is focusing on automated production processes to optimize Gigatex’s capacity.

The factory inside the factory shape of the assembly line human body including robotic arms as well as the harmonious work between robots and humans helps accelerate Model Y production on Gigatex machines.

Robots do the hard work that humans can’t for example. The whole car meanwhile humans perform other specialized and specialized tasks, both often working in harmony on the same production line to ensure that quality is delivered at every stage.

Robots are strictly supervised only by employees. Also some robots are incredibly complex and can carry out delicate tasks and even alter their equipment to perform different tasks.

On the other hand some robots are very simple with only minimal programming and few proximity sensors. Such robots are mainly used to transport heavy objects from one part of the gigafactory to another along a fixed path mapped by magnetic strips on the floor.

According to some sources Gigatex has installed 800 robots of which about a third is dedicated to the Model Y alone which is ideal for repetitive tasks that require high accuracy, high speed or heavy lifting.

They take on multiple tasks such as windows and seat making sub-assemblies such as batteries and painting muskets shared about using high-tech and gigatex that a range of sensors and sophisticated machinery backed by intensive programming and machine learning

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