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Tesla Model S

It’s been less than a year now since the plaid and model of the new and refreshed Tesla model and we’re already seeing some changes to the design, nothing major, but still worth noting as well. We’re just learning a ton of new things about how this phenomenal vehicle works and how it’s made.

Today we’re getting into the latest Tesla model updates and some other bits of interesting Tesla news, so let’s move on to some of the points that started appearing last December. The Tesla community has indicated that a model with a new tail light design and revised charging doors was cited on public roads.

Rumors of an upcoming model’s design update resurfaced in January when Tesla held an event for its Plaid Model X in Taiwan where a refreshed Model S was also on the site, but was suspiciously covered up by Tesla employees. Was, I don’t know why they brought it up, if they didn’t want people to see it, but do you think it makes me suspense.

We now have a new Well-Li Tee and extremely clear photos of the rear end of the refreshed model. Courtesy of Desire Master, member at the Tesla Motors Club. This was somewhere in California, I guess just sitting on the side of the road we could tell. That this is the work of a Tesla factory.

It’s all super wrong with some crazy inconsistent panel gaps I kid sure, but it’s also pretty devious and if you’re new to this Tesla fans looking for new Tesla prototypes and Tesla vehicles is an abysmal. There is rivalry and they have to document whether it is flying the drone over the factory or keeping their eyes open on the streets.

For any Tesla parking lot that looks out of the ordinary in California, the changes are decidedly subtle, featuring the removal of a black bar connecting the car’s lights to the horizontal bar. The back is now body colored and has a model 3sq charging door, so instead of the smaller side flipper door from the old one, we now have a wider flip up charging door.

The E along with the new taillights again bring the model in line with the Model 3, they are very similar looking taillights, obviously not the most drastic changes, but they are enough to give the impression that this is an updated version is. The model has been updated for the better, though it’s questionable personal preference.

I guess I think it makes the car look cheaper and more plain, I don’t like it, but what do you think next we want to talk a bit about Sandy Monroe and his teardrop model’s plaid sandy motor is a highly respected engineer with a history in the vehicle industry.

His business these days is essentially taking a new vehicle and tearing it down, until it’s nothing but a huge pile of parts. Is there a way to find out how all aspects of a vehicle work, what production methods are used and what components go into the product.

He sells those videos of his teardowns and findings to other companies that want to know if it’s inside their competition. I have bought a new model.

who is sad as plaid to be the subject of a tearjerker series i know the car’s fate was sealed the day the sandy clicked the order button but in fairness they drove the plaid model across the country and on the way really Held a bunch of great pro Tesla events and gave the car a good farewell then he brought it back to his shop and started the process.

What Monroe and colleagues found inside the model’s plaid to swallow it like a fish, everything they’ve published so far has been good stuff. The rear cradle of the vehicle was particularly impressive. It’s a new addition to Tesla. Designed specifically for the plaid powertrain, it fits two electric motors into the rear of the frame.

The assembly for each rear wheel sandy is referred to as a packaging symphony and by looking at the cradle removed from the rest of the vehicle we can see clearly that no space has been wasted and that it’s honestly alien or futuristic sci-fi. Looks like fi tech.

This has much more in common with a starship than with a conventional vehicle, the battery pack made a tangible impression on Monroe as well, finding that the plaid pack now has an additional layer of mica to act as a fire suppression barrier Asbestos is commonly used in glass for stoves and lamps.

As a thermal insulator in electronics, he also found that the structure of the plaid battery pack is much more rigid than the model and model y found to contain additional sheets of aluminum.

which are welded on the internal structure of the pack for increased strength, using castings to separate the battery modules and serve as connection points for bolting the pack to the frame.

The Plaid battery got an advanced thermal management system, helped by the use of smaller 18650 cells Monroe says that the use of smaller batteries makes sense for a performance car that is being driven hard and has a lot of Heat is generated Packed Smaller cell casings allow for faster cooling because there is more surface area to remove heat from the cell.

The Model 3 syncs 2170 cells and the Model Y will not be able to cool effectively because they have too wide a wide jelly roll of cathode and anode material. Will be able to invert which will allow them to expel the heat through the wide bottom of the cell Monroe.

The Plaid also has a 7920 cell count battery pack. It actually manages to use less physical space than the older model SP-85 pack, while raising the maximum capacity to 100 kilowatt hours as Monroe calculates. There are watt hours in a kilogram battery cell.

LS plaid more power for less weight in other Tesla news The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has launched a preliminary investigation on about 416,000 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y vehicles from the 2021 and 2022 model years over a phenomenon known as phantom braking .

Any situation where the vehicle’s Autopilot Driver Assistance feature applies braking for no apparent reason, you’re simply driving down the road with cruise control on and the car starts braking for no reason, apparently it’s Annoying at the best of times and if you’re on the highway is probably being followed too closely at high speeds.

This could be downright dangerous, according to the NHTSA, with 354 complaints received over the past nine months from Tesla Model 3 and Model Y owners about their vehicle’s phantom braking issues, according to the agency’s record of complaints. Tesla owners indicate that phantom braking incidents occur without warning.

And luckily not at seemingly random times, accidents or injuries involving phantom braking incidents have been reported recently along with other Tesla software-related issues such as the rolling stop sign feature in fsd beta PR.


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