Tesla Makes New Changes To Tesla Model 3 and Model Y!

We Have Tesla Smashing Production Records, Yet New Rumors Over Giga texas Launching Upgraded Features for the Model 3 This Week and a New Timeline for Orbital Starship Launch Tesla’s Pushback Against Solar Panel Penalties for California and Electric Car Racing Their new sponsorship, so let’s see the results.

Tesla has again exceeded expectations and broken the delivery record for its electric vehicles, with over 308000 deliveries in Q420 taking Tesla’s total for the year to over 936000.

Cars that were delivered in 2021 are no longer the one million car bull case that many of us were expecting at the beginning of last year, but it is very close and given the huge setbacks to the company in 2021, it is a very That’s a great performance.

Looking at the breakdown by vehicle type, we can see that Tesla only delivered under 25000 Model S and Model X vehicles in the year while Model 3 and Y delivered 911208 vehicles in 2021. These numbers easily beat consensus estimates from Wall Street financial analysis, which projected Tesla to deliver 260000 vehicles in the fourth quarter and 897,000 for the full year of 2021.

all told annual vehicle deliveries in 2021 was 87 in 2021 when the company delivered here under 500000 cars rumor mill that another not sure for tech mayor sorry if you called it wrong if it’s wrong One of the few YouTubers who regularly fly drones on Giga.

Texas Construction Site and Post Progress Updates He tweeted on December 31 that he heard on the site about production at Giga texas starting next week, which will now happen this week, so vehicle production at the factory can happen right now as we do some According to the construction worker speak that I spoke with I guess I don’t know how seriously this should be taken.

Just for fun the report says that Model Y production begins the week of January 2 at the Austin factory that Tesla employees are already driving a ready-made Model Y car inside the factory and that several full model-wise crashes have already been tested and other Have been sent out of Texas for testing.

He also says that Cyber ​​Truck production equipment and materials are already arriving at the factory site, but are being stored away inside the main building for future assembly and installation, which Joe has now announced later this year. Saw some Model Y bodies on the site on 27th December with their drones and they are very interesting.

We can clearly see that the body and frame are assembled but there is no floor so this Model Y body must be due to a structural battery pack with 4680 cells that we use as floor and seat mounts inside the car work, although still at this point

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