Tesla Model 3, After all, what happened with the Tesla Model 3, which surprised people to see?

Tesla Model 3

Let’s go into detail, the truck driver didn’t notice that he was pulling a Tesla Model 3 on autopilot on the YouTube channel on autopilot. The electric car was operating with the autonomous driving system, but managed to collide with the truck in an ordinary road condition, the date of the incident is not reported, it is only known that it was in the US state of Kentucky, judging by the video footage Happened in.

The perpetrator of the accident was the driver of a truck who did not notice the passenger car when the truck tilted the rear left wing of the Tesla and drove it across the track, after which it continued to accelerate at 110 kilometer per hour.

In this situation nothing happened as per events, the two cars covered a distance of about 800 meters for a distance of about 800 meters before the truck driver noticed something strange and pressed the brakes.

After all, what happened to the Tesla Model 3?

E accident The entire left side of the electric car was dislodged Tesla Autopilot warned its driver about the possibility of a collision only at the last minute when it was too late to do something Truck driver claims he drove the electric car Seen when it stopped because Tesla just got into a blind spot, repairing the car cost twenty thousand dollars and took about two months.

Current Tesla cars Model 3 Model Y Model S and Model X are equipped with a Level 2 Autonomous Driving System 2.5 Tesla version This means it can fully control the car by accelerating braking and taxiing but allowing the driver to ride should monitor and be ready to intervene at any moment.

If the system fails to correctly respond to Elon Musk comments on the fatal crash involving the Tesla Model 3. Tesla founder Elon Musk commented on the tragic accident resulting from the Tesla Model 3 electric car that killed one person and injured 20 others.

The driver of the Model 3 stated that a technical problem forced the car to accelerate on its own, reportedly the driver tried to slow down, but instead the car accelerated. Denies Musk also says Tesla does not mislead car owners about safety.

How much did Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle sales account for?

Them doesn’t jeopardize the correct use of the autopilot system, Elon Musk’s comments when you book a Tesla car Read info when you book a Tesla car You turn on the driverless driving system, read info, pretty much everything Clearly spelled out, the secondary functions on the Tesla Model 3 electric car are controlled using a large format display installed in the cabin.

While driving with small blows try to break the screen. Sales volume of compact Tesla with Hammer simulating axle in dollars exceeded 1 million units, the total sales volume of Tesla Model 3 sedan A nd Model Y crossover co-platform compact electric vehicle has exceeded 1 million copies.

According to the event portal that makes related calculations based on data from the US company for the first quarter of this year since the start of production, Tesla has sold one million seventy-four thousand worldwide forty-six Model Three and Model Y.

units, the company does not separately publish information on the models, it should be noted that the production of these machines began in June 2017 and January 2020, respectively.

Over the entire period 510,000 units of the luxury model Liftback and Model X crossover were sold respectively, the company has been producing the Liftback since 2015 to 2012 crossovers.

Thus there are more than 1.5 million Tesla cars on the world’s roads this year, provided there are no force measurement conditions.

Easy Points:-
      • That figure would be more than 2 million Tesla has acknowledged.
      • The American on the rear bumper of the Model 3 does not withstand driving through deep potholes.
      • Automaker, as it turned out on July 31 last year, issued an official service bulletin.
      • Which obliges the branded stations to make free repairs for the damages related to this defect.
      • According to Tesla the problem appears very rarely, it can only be expected on the roads.

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