Tesla Model 3: The size of the Tesla Model 3 given again, which you will say, is amazing

Tesla Model 3

Let us know in detail, Tesla Model 3 Tesla Advantages You Should Know When Buying an Electric Car Tesla shocked the world in March 2016 when it unveiled its budget electric car Model 3, the first production model of which came off the assembly line on 7 July 2017.

Gifts for the 46th anniversary of Tesla CEO Elon Musk have a few changes from the outside but if you know what the 2017 model year Tesla looks like you’ll immediately notice the absence of the usual chrome package, all chrome before now. Apart from the body parts matte details the package is said to be anti-chrome.

The new Tesla can now be recognized by the updated design of the wheels of radii r18 and r19 as the largest in the line of this model are 20 discs. They are released in a new design. The interior of the updated Tesla Model 3 has a lot of changes, the center console is new compared to the outside. The trunk lid received an electric drive after the upgrade.

How much does the Tesla cost compared to the Model S?

Air front doors now have double glazing and heated steering wheel as a standard option for driver’s safety. There are two USB Type-C connectors in the back. The most important factor in buying a new model three for many would be its price which is in the range of thirty five thousand dollars excluding taxes which differ in each country.

The cost of Tesla is twice that of the Model S for example, and the design and interior of the new Tesla Model three are about twice that of the Model S. have similar dimensions. No wonder the Model 3 is compared with the top modification of BMW Tesla.

It surpasses even the famous BMW in dynamics and at the end of the article you will see that it is also Tesla, apart from its panoramic roof, which turns into a roof, allowing the driver and second row passengers including Tesla cars have such a system, allowing all passengers to enjoy an unusual sense of freedom in the cabin.

Which helps to relieve stress and make driving as smooth as possible. A system of sensors and cameras The autopilot function of Tesla cars is not only a big name, but true autonomous driving when driving on the highway, the Tesla Model 3 at the same time independent from one lane to overtake slow cars capable of being transformed.

Can activate any parking mode at the touch of a button?

The side collision warning system will no longer allow accidents, the safety of the Tesla driver does not depend on his alertness, fatigue and dead zones in mirror sensors and an onboard computer that immediately decides have never been responsible for this parking easier parking garage The function allows Tesla to park and leave the garage box on its own.

This automatic parallel and vertical parking function Saves the driver the hassle You can activate any parking mode at the touch of a button Tesla has learned to recognize emergency vehicles and not crash into them, Autopilot system Electric car The help of new software that updated the Autopilot system was a response to Tesla’s investigation.

Initiated by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in mid-August, the agency began an inspection following a series of accidents involving electric cars with emergency vehicles. Model 3 is 346 km, which allows you to use the car for long trips outside the city.

Tesla also prepared a surprise there after updating the heating system for technical equipment Received a new design heat pump Now the Model 3 consumes less power to heat the cabin to achieve top performance as well as reinforced batteries with maximum capacity for long-range all-wheel drive versions Allows to increase the maximum power reserve.

82 kW now range of travel for various versions of Tesla Model 3 asterisk Original standard range plus 448 km long range 614 km asterisk Top Performance Edition 567 km After the update, the Model 3 modifications have increased maneuverability, now excluding the basic version Long ranges are capable of accelerating to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.4 seconds.

Did the Model 3 have an unexpectedly sharp edge?

Performance modification conquers the 100 km/h mark in 3.3 seconds, the Model 3 body design is stylish and aerodynamic with high resistance to oncoming wind. For the absence of a radiator grille which is impossible in principle on a car with an internal combustion engine and althoug h Tesla still has a radiator connected to the cooling system of the battery pack.

It didn’t require such an intense blowout and therefore didn’t require a normal grille, which seems odd I should say besides that if the Model had at least one narrow decorative slot under the hood then the Model 3 had an unexpectedly sharp edge. There is an empty plastic one that sets off an unusual shape of the front bumper.

This shape of the bumper is not only the whims of the designer, but the result of the tremendous work of Tesla engineers. This was done to reduce the drag coefficient and although in the end it was not possible to achieve the CX equivalent indicator desired by Elon Musk, the Model 3 is still one of the most aerodynamically efficient production cars in the world.

The CX equals 0.23 despite compact dimensions compared to the 0.23 Tesla Model S. The Model 3 can easily fit five people and seven meters of surfboards or heavy cargo. The Model Three seats are designed for maximum driver and passenger comfort. They can be adjusted when folded to free up space for cargo.

Child safety can also be used to secure the seat. A whole new level of security for the Tesla Model 3. You will receive the highest level of protection by buying a new Tesla Model 3 in Moscow. The body frame of the electric car was designed from heavy-duty steel for strength combined with aluminum for lightness.

Easy Points:-
      • The roof of the Tesla Model 3 is not prone to deformation and is able to withstand pressure equal to the total weight of two average elephants from Africa.
      • The Tesla Model 3 chassis is made of heavy-duty steel, the low center of gravity is due to the absence of a conventional engine under the hood and the presence of a downsized battery, the Tesla Model 3 uses a smaller 15-inch display.
      • The Model S and Model X have 17 display touch screens installed in a horizontal position, presumably the Model 3 does not have a dashboard at to show more information without scrolling.
      • The speedometer and other indicators on the driver’s side are displayed on the central screen. The connector for connecting the charging station is located on the rear left side.
      • The dashboard opens through menus, of course the Model 3 with a rear trunk and a very spacious and even one deep underground.
      • Front and rear lockers have the same volume of 425 liters and the optional more expensive configuration of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Model 3 has autopilot car parking and remote control of the electric position.

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