Tesla Model 3: This model of Elon Musk is very much liked by the people

Tesla Model 3

Let’s go into detail, Goodyear Tried on Tesla Model’s new airless tire and went to the test site Goodyear airless tires were tested for durability and then installed on the Tesla Model 3 Electric car feels confident on the track .

Accidentally, Goodyear crosses the track at the speed of a Tesla Model 3 with airless tyres. 88km slash h but if you look closely the car behaves differently on the road than matters and there are pneumatic tires on the wheels when the car suddenly changes direction.

Will Tesla Launch Airless Tires by 2024?

Inertia occurs when the car body feels squat at the same time Goodyear will launch airless tires in mass production in 2024 Their main difference is that there is no air inside it is worth noting the fact that in the new product There is no pressure control. Remember Good Ears is producing another innovation for electric car tires that charge batteries.

In addition they will independently accommodate a variety of road surfaces in Tesla electric cars. The USB ports have disappeared for many. This has become buyers of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles said to have center in their electric cars. The console lacks a USB port and wireless charging doesn’t work in the rear seats either.

The lack of connectors in the newly released cars Tesla claims is due to a lack of microchips, the missing parts all buyers have been promised to install. Tesla began selling electric cars without USB ports on November 11th as soon as they are available.

Since that moment users have learned that some Tesla Model 3 and Model Y electric cars do not have ports installed on the center console and next to the rear seats, although there are technical flaws for them. Tesla representatives promise that as soon as possible.

For what conditions was wireless charging not working?

It wouldn’t happen before in December that they would make appointments with buyers and install the missing USBC, although the company did not give any written guarantees at the same time, not all Tesla owners were informed that the car would not have any USB ports, Some were caught off guard when they received the car and noticed that there were no USB ports.

Wireless charging was not working to explain the situation they had to call the Tesla service themselves or go online for help With a reduction of $210 billion in revenue, 7.7 million fewer cars would come off the assembly lines than planned.

The lack of conductors did not prevent Musk’s company from setting a record for sales of electric vehicles in the third quarter of 2021 Tesla delivered over 241,000 electric vehicles, a 72 percent increase in the number of deliveries compared to the same period in 2020, hundreds of Teslas Electric cars d id not starting The owners of electrified Tesla cars faced the problem that their electric cars refused to start.

As a result of which 500 electric cars were reported to have malfunctions, the reason for this was a failure in the operation of the mobile application, the owners concerned started complaining about the problem on the network. Smartphones can be used as keys for electric car. , but only after installing the application, the head of Tesla Elon Musk drew attention to the fact that the malfunction was fixed in a short time.

The manufacturer promised to do everything possible. So that such situations do not arise in the future, the Tesla Model 3 is in greatest demand among car buyers, the electric car is equipped with a power unit with a capacity of 258 to 462 horsepower, an automatic transmission works with rear wheel drive or full Wheel Drive recalls that in early October the basic version of the Model 3 was 2000 cheaper.

Has the electric car improved sound insulation?

Earlier this year the cost of an electric car was thirty eight thousand one hundred and ninety dollars in less than a year, the cost of the model increased by seven thousand dollars, the Tesla Model 3 got new wheels with a diameter of 17 and 18 inches and an upgraded center console with a chrome insert appeared.

Also the electric car has improved sound insulation. Double side windows with an electric trunk lid as well as a heat pump that replaced the electric stove. Also all modifications of the model received an optimized power distribution system.

This increased the car’s power reserve so that the older version of the Tesla Model 3 with two long-range electric motors can now drive 576 km without recharging, which is 48 km more than before with the new generation Autopilot supercomputer. In late April Tesla held a closed event for its investors dedicated to unmanned technologies.

The keynote premiere of the evening was a demonstration of the Microchip Full Self Driving Chip that will be responsible for data processing on a new generation proprietary autopilot system, the chip will include 6 billion transistors and a neural network accelerator capable of performing 72 trillion operations per second.

Ultrasonic sensor sent to processor from radar GPS and steering angle sensor at the same time Tesla demonstrated the capabilities of the new Autopilot module in a two-minute video Tesla Model 3 electric car rides in both the city and a driver’s participation Without highway, the car automatically stops, changes lanes in front of traffic lights.

Easy Points:-
      • Skip overtaking, leave the motorway at the interchange and return Tesla’s Autopilot is capable of more complex maneuvers.
      • Boring Company startup M, supervised by Elon Musk, conducted an unusual experiment, with Americans staging a competition between two Model Three electric cars.
      • One of which was traveling in heavy traffic through the streets of Los Angeles and the other a car moving underground through a special high-speed tunnel reaching speeds of 204 kilometer per hour.
      • While the car following the roads only accelerated at 71 kilometer per hour, the first reached the finish line in just one minute and 36 seconds.
      • The second arrived at the destination only four minutes and 44 seconds after the start, when asked if it was not difficult for the autopilot to drive the electric car through a narrow tunnel.

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