Tesla Model X – Elon Musk’s Tesla looks better than these things

Tesla Model X

What do you think about Tesla’s secrecy, the most affordable version of the Tesla Model X and the Model X with rear-wheel drive has seen a significant increase in price in China, the official reason for the price increase is currently unknown.

Models of its electric vehicles in China The company’s official Chinese website reported that the price hike affected the rear wheel drive models Model X and Model Y. The rear wheel drive Tesla Model X now costs around 265 652 yuan (about 42 thousand dollars) is 10000.

Yuan The price of the rear wheel drive version of the Model X was also raised to three hundred one thousand eight hundred and forty yuan approximately forty seven thousand five hundred and sixty US dollars more than the original price. Dollar which is about twenty one thousand yuan.

Which is about three thousand three hundred and twenty dollars more than before. The American-made Tesla Model X and Three received a multimedia unit with AMD components and a new battery.

Where were electric vehicles invented?

The operation of the multimedia system has become significantly better, the reliability of the power supply has increased. There is a long-awaited update of the multimedia system and an increase of 12 volts.

Batteries were found in US-assembled Tesla Model Y and Model X electric cars, these changes significantly improve the performance and feel of Tesla electric vehicles, according to electric buyers of the first Tesla Model X first discovered electric vehicles assembled in China Had gone.

Updating the MCU unit to the use of AMD processors and graphics in the Media Control Unit MCU has had a positive impact on the performance of the entire system through which most functions of the electric vehicle are controlled as it was later discovered that this was an unexpected surprise. .

Not only with Tesla Model X performance electric cars but also with Model Xs built at the company’s gig factory in Shanghai. Now the new MCU unit is used in the assembly of electric vehicles in the United States. Another important change is the 12-volt lead. There is a rejection of the battery which was not very reliable.

Electric vehicles now make the most of lithium-ion batteries. Economical versions of the Tesla Model X and Model Y with rear-wheel drive have seen a significant increase in price in China.

How many kmph does it reach?

Charge and a top speed of 217 kmph It can accelerate from zero to 100 kmph in just 6.9 seconds, the Model 3 on the other hand offers a top speed of 225 kmph, with a maximum power reserve of 556 kmph it happens.

On full charge it accelerates from 0 to 100 kmph in just 6.1 seconds, the official reason for the increase in price is currently unknown but it could be related to the ongoing shortage of chips which is affecting various around the world including automotive Ted industries as we have already reported shortage and supply problems of chips.

Due to the fact that 9.6 million fewer cars were produced in 2021, Tesla is recalling half a million cars due to safety issues Tesla is recalling about 500,000 vehicles due to a number of technical faults, including the ones Tesla drives.

Vehicle Recall Letters Should Be Watched Electric car maker Tesla recently warned state regulators that it had identified problems in its Model X. and model cars that increase the risk of accidents.

Reuters reported today, adding that the recall will affect more than three hundred and fifty thousand Model Threes and nearly one million and twenty thousand Model S.

Easy Points:-
  • As per the report filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on December 21.
  • According to Nitsa’s statement, the Nitsa fault is the wear of the wires and faulty clamps.
  • The model that recalls models from X 2017 to 2020 is related to the cable connecting the rear view camera to the dashboard display.
  • Opening and closing the trunk lid frequently can be excessive.

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