Tesla Model X is the best selling Tesla model

Tesla Model X

In January 2022, the Tesla Model X SUV took the top spot for the best-selling electric car in the world, surpassing the Tesla Model 3 and even the Hong Guang Mini, the most popular car in China and priced at Rs. Only five grand and with the Model X.

With two new Tesla factories starting production in the US and Germany, and new battery upgrades on the horizon, it’s shaping up to be the year the Model X solidifies as the world’s number one electric vehicle. Turns out, this was just a year ago.

Elon Musk predicted that the Model X would become the best-selling car of any kind in the world by the end of 2022, which probably won’t be true this year, but it will be long ago, so today we go through some Going to go the way Tesla is setting up the Model Y to be the best car in the world.

The big buzz around the Model X in 2022 is that it will get a new battery pack. This is an in-house manufactured Tesla design battery pack with a new cell format called the 4680, the largest battery cell ever made .

This new 4680 battery will only be available in the Model X, offering up to six times more power output than what Tesla has used in the current Model X, about five times the size of the battery. Manufactured at Tesla’s Austin Texas factory, these cars are currently being manufactured and stocked.

The Texas-made Model X has a new battery pack –

Tesla is waiting for an EPA certificate of conformance approval before proceeding with customer delivery because the Texas-made Model X has a new battery pack, it also needs a new approval in the meantime. In the parking lot outside is being collected according to the hundreds of models.

So far every model manufactured in Giga Texas is either black or blue, which doesn’t tell us much, but there is a lot we can learn from the wheels of these cars that most Model X stored at Giga Texas are clearly silver. There are 19-inch Gemini wheels and this means that it is definitely a long range variation of the car.

tesla model x

That performance option only comes with blacked out Uber Turbine wheels. I know it doesn’t seem like much but it’s actually pretty appealing because traditionally with a new product rollout Tesla came out of the gate with the highest exclusivity.

So the highest profit margin vehicles at first we expected would all be model performances in Texas or at least Model Y with upgraded wheels. We know this is the case at the other new Gigafactory in Berlin Germany where Tesla is also in preparation. New vehicles are staging.

So far we have only seen a performance version of the Model X around that factory for customer delivery and all reports suggest that the first round of vehicles delivered from the Berlin plant will be Model X performance which should happen before the end of this month.

With state officials all cleared up, these are the new Germans model-wise, but will not come with the new battery pack and 4680 cells due to something unexpected. Their battery cell production facility, up and running in Berlin and approved by the local government, will not operate until the end of this year.

Better than any other electric car –

So for now Giga will use Model Y battery packs in Berlin that are being produced at Tesla’s Shanghai factory. There are reports that Chinese factories will be able to export up to 1,000 battery packs per week for German manufacture, although it is likely that the actual production rate will be too low for a short while to reach around 1,000 cars per week in Germany by the end of April .

Rumor has it that production will halt at Giga Berlin for three weeks in the second half of this year while they transition to new battery packs with 4680 cells made in Germany, not that there’s anything wrong with Tesla’s current battery cells. Although, they still outperform every other electric car in the market in terms of efficiency.

It has a long range and offers an EPA range of 330 miles with a 75 kWh battery. Y pack for comparison The brand new Cadillac Sonnet which is also an electric crossover SUV is debuting this month in a 100 kWh battery pack with 300 miles of range, hence 25 percent bigger battery capacity and less range than Tesla is.

Biggest from General Motors versus Tesla’s legacy battery pack technology that was introduced with the Model 3, reading hundreds of pages of books can be difficult when you can easily be distracted by Elon Musk posting memes on Twitter, here’s why That’s what we’re excited about.

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Will Ship the Model X to US Customers –

We make a lot of posts about Elon Musk so to learn more about why and who he is, he can get 30 percent more range from the same 75 kWh of energy. Capacity that will serve up to a range of about 430 miles in the model. Elon Musk recently said that Tesla can easily make a car with a range of more than 600 miles.

It would be worthwhile because no one really needed that much range and the bigger battery pack would make the car too heavy and therefore not as much fun to drive back to Texas, with all these new and improved support for those in the coming month. Will accelerate the supply of new 4680 battery cells.

Model X that we will be shipping to US customers now, 4680 cells are manufactured only in one factory located in California, this battery factory produced their 1 million cells by the end of January 2022 and they will reach their million cells by the end is estimated. That’s about half a million cells per month of March which sounds like a lot right now but one million forty-six eighty cells is only estimated to be enough for about a thousand models.

So there isn’t enough battery right W to build about 500 cars per month in Texas, but the supply of batteries from California will accelerate as production becomes more efficient and will be met by 4680 cell production inside Gigatex, we know That the machines for cell production have been installed in the factory.

already and they are reported to start work next month by April 2022, now this is not to say that everything will be running smoothly either. The prices of commodities are going to be a significant challenge in this whole year 2021, Microchip The year of shortage is already shaping up until 2022 is the year of shortage of fuel and resources, especially the cost of nickel is going crazy.

It has reached a high price of over one lakh US dollars per tonne with an increase of only two hundred and fifty percent in just two days. This is such an unprecedented price swing that the London Metal Exchange has canceled all nickel trading on March 8th We are not commodity traders here so I can’t tell you exactly what this means.

Easy Points –
      • I can say for sure that people are worried about it, of course who else is this mess, but the greatest current champion on planet earth Mr Putin Russia is one of the biggest.
      • Producers of Nickel in the world With a Russian manufacturer ranking as the number one producer of top grade nickel in the world and of course top grade nickel is an essential component for high end electric car batteries like the Tesla 4680.
      • It’s already loaded with nickel analysts predicting that the cost of manufacturing an electric car battery pack will increase by about US$1000 per car.
      • So by the time the price increase reaches the consumer, it’s going to be much higher than that. What has been bad news now is knowing the way Tesla operates, they will be the least affected.
      • Tesla is taking steps to secure its private contracts for battery materials, nickel being chief among them and we know that Tesla has done those deals primarily with mines in the South Pacific, away from Russia or Europe.

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