Tesla Model Y makes a great comeback, Model Y will be updated in Giga Berlin, Watch

Tesla Model Y

We just learned that Giga Berlin is now producing 350 Model Y vehicles per week and the plant aims to increase that rate to 1000 per week by the end of the month, for now Giga Berlin is equipped with 2170 battery cells of the current generation The model produces Y.

Some expect Elon Musk to update to the new 4680 cells within a few months, however reports from Germany are pointing to a battery transition closer to the end of this year and as we have known for some time now the 4680 The decade has changed.

Berlin will need to shut down the production line which will last two or three weeks so progress in Giga berlin is going exactly as we reported a month ago that Tesla aims to reach cars per week by the end of April and It looks like that’s going to be the case, but that doesn’t mean everything is going to go to plan.

It took so long for Rhein to accept that it was using a local water supply that the Brandenburg government needed to protect various local groups, concerned that Tesla would either use too much water or poison the water.

Local reports say that a water pollution liquid leak started at Giga Berlin’s paint shop due to a valve not closing. Fortunately Tesla’s mitigation system caught and contained the leak before the liquid could escape, all concerned agencies. was informed and the Brandenburg Water Authority cleaned everything up without any problems.

The liquid that pollutes the water went out into the open air or into the ground, posing no threat to the environment or the neighborhood, so a close call but overall some very good news. The safety measures Tesla has taken work the same way. Workers in Giga Shanghai in China are expecting a temporary return to the factory this week under a new isolation protocol.

After a three-week shutdown, as another wave of infections hit Shanghai, resulting in a strict lockdown by Chinese authorities, Giga Shanghai could produce around 2100 vehicles per day, hence the company’s deliveries for the second quarter. A three-week loss in numbers will be noticeable.

Don’t expect crazy numbers this year To meet the return to work this time Tesla China is adopting a closed-loop system in which the company will temporarily house its employees at the Giga Shanghai campus, according to a Bloomberg report. The worker will be provided with a sleeping bag.

One mattress and three meals a day Workers will be sleeping on the factory floor in a designated area, now coming to those places for shower and entertainment Tesla is also giving its employees a daily stipend of about 400 Yuan which is approx Rs 63 however the exact amount will depend on the position of an individual in the company.

Tesla Model Y

This group of laid-off employees is formerly expected to remain isolated at the factory until May 1, with a major new installation of solar panels and mega pack battery storage units coming to Tesla Energy in Boulder City Nevada, Tesla has released several of these. It has partnered with renewable energy company Airvon to build the facilities.

The first project location in the City of Boulder over the next four years is called the Townsight Solar and Storage Facility and as the name suggests it will focus on collecting and storing solar energy to offset the fossil fuel-dependent sources in the area. will focus.

This new facility will generate 500,000 megawatt-hours of energy per year to power 60,000 homes and offset 400,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from more than half a million solar panels to help Tesla take full advantage of that solar power. 360 MW The Mega Pack of hours will supply battery storage.

These huge batteries charge during times of peak energy production, such as at noon, and then discharge during periods when there is no solar power. It has adequate infrastructure and has one of the largest mega packed facilities of Tesla in the world.

Aravon CEO Justin Johnson explained why his company chose Tesla as its supplier for this large-scale project. Having said that we are delighted to be working with Tesla, to achieve a quality product that is in high demand.

This agreement ensures that Erawan can provide our customers with near-term storage solutions to reduce the risk of supply shortages and project delays over the past year. Tesla has sold and deployed more than gigawatt hours of mega pack batteries, adding more energy storage capacity than Tesla deployed over the past two years.

An example of this large-scale deployment would be the battery energy storage system at Moss Land in California, which was recently commissioned and certified for operation powered by a 256 Tesla Mega Pack, stores up to 730 megawatt-hours in the Moss Landing System.

Energy to the grid at a maximum rate of 182.5 MW for up to four hours in times of high demand, this enhances the reliability of the entire system by eliminating capacity deficiencies resulting in increased energy demand, the Starship program returning to its normal rapid continues.

Development accelerated as tests on Booster 7 progressed to the cryo-proofing stage and the new launch architecture at Pad 39A in Cape Canaveral began to take shape. The Super Heavy Booster 7 is the first booster prototype designed to focus on the new Raptor V2 engine Keeping is accomplished once.

Tesla Model Y

33 of those new Raptors will be installed capable of pumping out 230 tons of thrust each in a recent video from Starb. AS Texas We can see the booster go through a series of intensive structural tests; the booster was mounted on a stress test rig at the launch site to simulate thrust from the engine using hydraulic rams to pull on the booster’s structure.

It is often referred to around starbase as a can crusher because if the rocket isn’t strong enough it will literally crumble in the same way as an aluminum can when you step on it.

Structure The fuel tanks are partially filled with liquid nitrogen to increase the stress factor fortunately the booster has made it through tests in good shape so this may indicate that it is ready to proceed with engine installation After which SpaceX can continue.

This fully integrated cryo-proofing and eventually a massive static fire test of all 33 Raptor engines at the same time is the new Starship Launch Tower BE in Florida.

The first major concrete support of the NG foundation, built at Cape Canaveral’s Pad 39A, quickly went up and the distribution of the tower’s three sections seemed like SpaceX learned a few things from building the orbital launch tower.

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