Tesla Model Y – With an average consumption of 1,000 cells per car, the stock available would be enough to produce about 1,000 Tesla Model Y crossovers.

Tesla managed to produce more than a million battery cells of the 4680 type in the fall of 2020 Tesla introduced the 4680 battery cells developed jointly with Panasonic that completely cover the cost of charge storage due to layout changes Reduces and enhances specific capacity in California.

Tesla’s experimental line has already produced more than one million such battery cells, the company announced in January, passing the symbolic milestone.

This week on its Twitter page it is known that the production of such batteries will eventually be deployed not only at the plant in Texas, but also in the vicinity of Berlin, and Model Y crossovers equipped with them will begin to be discontinued.

Conveyor this year has actually seen batch debugging of cars in a parking lot near the Austin facility, next to which is the company’s new headquarters, despite the status of the experimental line, with a total capacity of 10 GWh at the site in California.

But over time the core volume will still be provided in the quarterly reporting by enterprises in Austin and Berlin.

Event Tesla representatives made it clear that this year’s production volume of 4680 types of batteries will not be a limiting factor for this and the lack of semiconductor components will have a huge impact on the pace of expansion of electric vehicle production.

Korean LG Energy Solutions is set to master the production of similar battery cells, but not only will Tesla supply them to Korean LG Energy Solutions to begin mass production of the 4680 battery next year, but Samsung SDI will also be slightly different. Will launch with specifications. Future.

The Type 4680 will allow Tesla not only to master the mass production of semi trucks, but also to build the necessary affordable electric vehicles costing twenty five thousand dollars to exceed the milestone of 1 million 4680 cells produced Will do.

The economic conditions for the production of electric vehicles equipped with them really do not contribute much to their early entry into the market.

An average of 1,000 cells are consumed per car, accordingly, the available stock will be enough to produce about 1,000 Tesla Model Y crossovers, so the main success in this direction will be seen only after the start of battery production in Texas and Panasonic in Berlin.

Tesla and LG Energy Solutions from enterprises in Japan and Nevada want to localize production in the United States and Europe Tesla has been accused of a suspension failure that caused a fatal accident.

Tesla was sued again last year over failure of suspension, according to plaintiffs, after a federal investigation into an accident in a Tesla Model 3 filed by the driver’s family was filed in Florida state court, according to plaintiffs. As per the statement of claim, the incident took place in the US Florida.

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