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Tesla Stock

In this post we are going to talk about tesla stock we are going to the grand opening of the tesla gigafactory in austin texas we are going to talk about what is the tesla stock expected to do next week As we get closer to the earnings report to be announced on April 20th.

We are also going to talk about some important data which is coming out next week which can also significantly impact the overall stock market and we are going to talk about that as well. You know why we see a selloff today when it comes to Tesla stock.

The opening of a giga factory with Tesla We had a huge increase in the price of Tesla stock with the Berlin opening, so we hope, at one point, that we might like the rumored southern news event when we got the grand opening , Burlingame Factory which did not happen.

Important News –

This was a really significant rally that happened with Tesla stock, so I predicted we might see some similar price action with Tesla, but it didn’t, we actually saw a sell-off, so we got a classic far Southern news incident happened.

So we fell three percent today, but as you can see here for the month we’re still very strong at that all-time high price but of course we have some important news that could impact you significantly.

When you look at the Overstock market today we have some areas that are doing very well like we know you about the energy sector which is doing very well right now, this Russia what is happening with Ukraine, We’re starting to see you these financial stocks start picking up on the Federal Reserve.

Which you know came out with a statement last week that indicated this week that they’re going to be more aggressive when it comes to fighting inflation, so if interest rates go up a lot, you know That these are financial stocks that can certainly benefit but we have big tech stocks.

So let’s talk about what happened?

Like apple, microsoft, google, amazon, this trillion dollar companies are not doing well this week so they are really putting down the overall stock market but we still saw some greens and some sectors like energy , even health care stocks took part today.

Yesterday of course there was the grand opening of the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin Texas, so it was really a phenomenal progress that you know, you’re just going to see the highle, know about what Elon Musk said about you What are they going to do in the factory?

What are their plans and etc that are the important highlights we want to focus on but if you are interested in watching you surely know amazing, fireworks light show and etcetera you can find it in one hour video on tesla youtube channel can see.

You almost certainly mentioned some important things about yourself, you know Cyber ​​Truck you know Robo Taxi, Tesla Robot and etcetera you know, it’s really awesome they have this huge factory, now They’re going to be able to mass-produce these important products.

The grand opening of the Tesla Gigafactory in Austin Texas was held at –

The ones you know will be producing and launching soon so it’s going to be phenomenal the z team is doing great work in Fremont California, but we learned a lot from it that where the buildings were all different, there’s a lot of hustle and bustle between buildings , what we thought.

That’s really like thinking of a chip as a chip, integrated circuits ties everything together in one package, and now that’s what you get.It’s a matter of the raw materials coming in one side, they form in a cell, they form in a pack then we cast the front and back body, the pack itself is structural and out comes a finished product so it Raw material.

on the one hand in cars on the other so we’re building our own battery cells we think, the most advanced cell in the world here at giga texas all the footage you see here is from this factory, and we think over time Will probably be the largest cell factory in the world.

Then another major innovation is this structural pack, so we basically bring it to the things we said we said would basically make the car out, three key pieces a rear body casting a structural pack where the cells themselves carry the load like in modern airplanes.

Tesla is a revolutionary car build –

Where the wing shape consists of a fuel tank in the air, in which the cells with the new model elaborate architecture take the load themselves, and result in a car, a smaller number of parts lower costs and improve crash performance, so it There’s also a security benefit, I don’t know if it works fine.

It’s a revolutionary car build that basically made a car out of three flagships, a Casper with a structural pack and a cast front. So what you see is the biggest casting machine ever made, and it It’s a crazy thing to build a car like this it’s never been done before.

we were the six major casting makers in the world no one said maybe i was the one who sounds like yes Works very efficiently to simplify the look.

So as I was saying raw material in a bunch of stuff, if you don’t make stuff there’s no stuff and we’re aiming with model y to get half a million units a year alone And then we’re going to start manufacturing the Cyber ​​Truck next year.

Easy Points:-
  • The Model Y line will be the line with the highest capacity I can think of of any line in the world.
  • In fact I believe it will be half a million units a year in a single factory of a product.
  • The biggest of anything in the world and of course it will have the largest volume factory in the US, so Cybertruck is always there.
  • Like CGI in real life but not that CGI, which is a real cyber truck.
  • That’s driving around so I can’t wait to put this into production, it’s going to be epic.
  • Tesla is indeed growing at the fastest rate of any major manufactured item, yes in history so now we have exceeded the million in the last 12 months.
  • We have delivered over a million cars worldwide that said, there is still a long way to go,
  • That red bar chart is Tesla so we can definitely make it up.

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