Tesla – Tesla’s FSD Beta Is Now Available


Tesla’s full self-driving beta is finally rolling out to a wider fleet of Tesla cars and that’s a huge deal. It’s easily one of the boldest moves Elon Musk has ever made as he’s giving a giant leap. Advances in autonomous vehicle technology to thousands of drivers across the United States and it is doing so at a time like this.

When investigations into Tesla’s Autopilot and full self-driving program are at an all-time high, but like they say there’s no risk then no reward. With all of these self-driving cars starting to pop up on city streets across America, let’s unpack everything we know about Tesla’s full self-driving beta software right now.

With all that’s yet to come, given that it’s starting to go a little more mainstream than it has now been, I appreciate that Tesla may be some newcomers to the world of autonomy, so just getting started. To let’s quickly go over what is full self-driving and what is it, full self driving is just a name.

Tesla delivers their most advanced level of driver assistance features. This Autopilot is an optional upgrade to Autopilot, their standard driver assistance package that comes pre-installed in every Tesla and is not the same as just full self-driving. These are just product names Tesla had to say, are they the most descriptive or accurate names given to a feature.

Doesn’t it even really matter what cruise control is if you want to be meaningful it should be called speed control because that’s what it actually does but nobody really cares because debating the name is just a There’s a smoke screen anyway what we’re really discussing is a full-fledged self-driving feature called Navigate on Autopilot.

Where you enter a destination in the GPS and the car does its best to get you there autonomously in all production versions of the software, this has only really worked for highway driving in the new beta releases. The feature has been extended to city roads which means the car will now do its best to drive autonomously in basically any location or circumstance.

It’s pretty wild what the car is doing when it drives autonomously on those city streets. There are cameras all around the car that are feeding video into an artificial intelligence neural net that’s placed in a powerful computer under the dashboard. It is a digital brain based on what you can see through the lens of the camera that the computer brain is driving your car.

It can do this because Tesla’s neural net has spent years learning to drive and watching people do it for years and years to develop an artificial intelligence from data from hundreds of thousands of Tesla cars to a learning computer. What can drive a car very well as average human average is a loose term.

Some people really suck at this task and tesla is already better so your robot car is basically the same way you do it just by looking and thinking and reacting only better than anyone in the car eyes and have sharp reflexes which is undoubtedly whether a car can think as well or better than a human has yet to be proven correct.

All good so how do we get it for ourselves for almost a year now this navigate feature on city streets is exclusive to a small circle of Tesla insiders, mostly company employees and quite a few youtubers With more clout I obviously we are working on this but that is all about to change or has already changed.

Depending on where you are in space and time, right Musk promises us that with version 10.1 of the full self-driving beta software outsiders will finally get a download button to enter. Beta testing or download request button to be more precise there are still some hoops that need to be jumped through which is totally fair in my opinion.

I know some people differ on this and think that if you paid for the upgrade to get full self-driving you should be entitled to all the latest software developments, no matter the circumstances and that’s not the case. How it works This is pre-release software and it is a privilege to be invited to the beta testing pool.

How some people get to try a video game before they pre-order the game doesn’t get everyone to fix it, so obviously the first thing you need to do is Have to buy the complete self-driving upgrade which either comes with a one-time payment of ten thousand US dollars for the entire period that you own that particular vehicle or you can pay Rs 200 per month.

Featured as a subscription service, as long as the car is less than three or four years old, it’ll be a handy software update for an older car that you’ll need to take in for a hardware upgrade. Tesla will let you know what’s going on. Find the beta opt-in request button in the Tesla app under Software Update when you request access to the software.

Tesla will in turn request a Tesla insurance calculator to collect your in-car driving behavior, so most people will not know that Tesla offers car insurance because it is only available in the state of California right now, but they Drivers use a monitoring system to determine behavior-based insurance premiums.

The same calculator will decide if you are a good enough driver to get into the beta club, I wouldn’t call that a good driver because it’s not exactly the same as if you could be technically amazing at driving a car and yet once again a Tesla Insurance calculator Like the app can drive, it’s going to start the track king driver behavior and it’s going to do that.

There is at least seven days you can go to step three. It’s not clear how exactly this evaluation period is going to work out or really good or bad Driving Alone has said that the app will enable you to do this in real time. They also indicate that using the autopilot as often as possible is considered good driving, to give an overview of how your driver rating is going and what you can do to improve it.

Some amount of driving time is included in the decision e.g. if you just go out and drive for an hour at all and then leave your car in the driveway for six days it doesn’t matter Keeps that I think we’ll find out pretty soon how strict the system is going to be, though assuming you handle seven days of responsible driving by Tesla standards.

This has to be the point where you get a real fully self-driving car or a car that can self-drive at least anywhere. P4 being a responsible beta tester and road user is by far the most important part of the whole equation and the thing that honestly bothers me a lot about the whole thing.

This is not a level 5 feature fully autonomous robot car driving the car in the same way. The way your 16 year old can drive, they must be supervised at all times by an actual adult human and like a 16 year old who just got his first license, Tesla can get confused or malfunction is or can be started.

To do something dangerous and at that point it’s your job to step in and prevent disaster. Fortunately, unlike riding a shotgun with a teenager, a self-driving Tesla is very easy to fix, you just hold onto the wheel. and now you are in full manual control.

Security is really a big deal here it is so important that people take it seriously and use this software in the way that it is intended to be used and if you are confused about it.

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