Tesla Truck – The 2022 Tesla Semi Update Is Here!

Tesla Truck

Let’s talk about the Tesla Semi, it’s been around for a while, so what’s up with this thing, there’s definitely been some progress from Tesla getting this heavy-duty electric truck into the production stage.

But there’s one more in a long line. I think we’ll call a reassessment in the Tesla product roadmap that’s probably going to keep the semi at large for at least another year. There is also an important conversation and where electrification and autonomy fit into that picture.

Even if it comes four or five years late, the Semi truck is easily one of the most important products Tesla has ever developed and we’ll get into some of the reasons why that’s okay.

All we know about the Tesla Semi right now is limited production of the vehicle to be held near Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada, it began at some point during the fourth quarter of 2021 and it was a drone released by Sawyer Merritt in December 2021. This was proved in the video which clearly shows a semi driving around the factory location.

We’ve seen Tesla install a handful of Mega Charger stations at that facility specifically aimed at fast-charging the massive battery pack inside the Semi, these same Mega Charger stations also installed at the Frito-Lay facility went.

Photos were released on January 29, 2022 in California that show at least two charging stations looking finished and ready to go. We know Frito-Lay 15 Road 1 to receive the first batch of ready Tesla Semis. The rumor mill was set in high gear by comments from the company’s CEO in November.

In which it was said that they expected to deliver the trucks by the end of the year. Obviously that wasn’t the case, but we at least see progress, it’s hard to say how many trucks Tesla has built so far, we can logically say that there are at least four of them built recently by Tesla. Thanks to this image released by U.S. as part of their 2021 earnings report, which was published in late January.

Tesla Truck

This may be a rendition to be sure, although it looks very real to me and is supported by some amateur photos released on March 23rd. Show at least two and maybe three white Tesla Semis in Palo Alto California and these will be in addition to the original gray prototype and the red one we actually saw carrying around the Model 3s and Model y in the summer of 2020.

So it seems to me that there’s at least enough recent evidence to debunk the notion that the Tesla Semi is just vaporware like it’s going to be a huge host to drive stock prices or whatever Tesla clearly does. Is spending a ton of money and resources on this project.

Likewise for a clear production timeline according to Elon Musk we shouldn’t expect to see anything significant in terms of semi deliveries until next year 2023 and the reason he put forward was basically SAM.

Cyber ​​Truck Tesla Delays This Year A Huge imbalance in its vehicle supply and demand equation requires a focus on volume production to begin with. The Model Y is too popular for its good. Tesla is fighting a losing battle. Keep up with the demand for these things The Model 3 is still widely popular.

But the Model Y has overtaken as the best-selling electric car in 2022, so Tesla isn’t going to do anything with its product development that will slow down Model Y Elon production.

Elon Musk said that by introducing a new product into the fold he will actually reduce the total number of vehicles the company can deliver in a year and that’s not a sacrifice he’s willing to make right now. They need to be done first.

Giga bring the Model Y into volume production in Texas and only then can they focus on building production lines for Semi and Cyber ​​trucks, I want to talk about an article that was republished.

Centrally by Automotive News where he writes about how autonomous driving will be essential for long-distance trucking to remain a sustainable industry, and in detail he identifies the biggest opportunity for the Tesla Semi in this market.

Do you remember during the Tesla bot presentation last summer when Elon Musk said he wanted robots to take over human jobs that are boring, repetitive and dangerous long-hauls.


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