Tesla wants to increase sales of new cars.

It’s a Tough Time to Be a Tesla Buyer Owning a car right now is great but trying to buy one is a serious matter. Wait times for both new orders and order holders are out of control. It’s getting so bad that Tesla started talking about closure.

Holding on to new orders until things calm down a bit so what’s the deal with that well it’s complicated a lot of things happening at once but I’m sure it’s not just some big scam and the company Not broken down or broken down in general, electric cars are still in a dilapidated condition.

The equation of supply and demand is out of balance, people say it is a good problem but there is nothing good about this current situation, we have got a huge influx of demand ev market on one hand huge volatility in oil market And on the other hand we have a huge constraint on the supply of every major component needed to make those EVs stacked on top of the labor shortage.

On top of the shutdown in Chinese manufacturing that plagues this entire industry, so let’s talk about the state of electric car deliveries and try to figure out why these Teslas are taking so long to arrive. As far as I can tell, Tesla hasn’t stopped placing orders for any of its core products just yet.

They recently stopped ordering Cyber ​​Trucks in Europe and China, which honestly I didn’t even know you could order Cyber ​​Trucks in those markets to begin with. The vehicle has been clearly designed with Americans as the target audience.

And we always knew they’d be built in Austin Texas which is a pretty terrible international esports hub. Not going to waste time loading things into the boats.

Anyway you can still order the main lineup of vehicles but you will have to wait for model 3 not too bad, you can have either rear wheel drive or all-wheel drive sometime between August and November- can ever happen.

The performance version could be out as early as June, but the Model Y is where things start to deteriorate from November 2022 to February 2023. Window yikes but again the performance version can get you by July the model isn’t too bad you can have a plaid in June or early August at the latest.

Regular dual motor version is also from November to February model x is model x worst case for dual motor version it’s going to be next January at the earliest and certainly by April 2023 if you want model x plaid in my opinion Also known as the best car in the world, it is only August 1.

October’s window So the moral of this story is that if you want a car soon, get ready for a higher performance version of that car.

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