Tesla will have the right to produce more than 2000 bodies for the Model Y even before the company’s launch in Germany

Tesla will have the right to produce more than 2000 bodies for the Model Y even before the company’s launch in Germany.

Tesla’s attempt to begin mass production of the Model Y electric crossover at a venture built in the vicinity of Berlin by the end of 2021 was unsuccessful as public hearings and approvals were delayed.

At the same time the company was allowed to produce several thousand bodies for these crossovers, but not for sale as part of mass-produced electric vehicles, in fact not only debugging batches of copies of the Tesla Model Y crossovers before. Was seen in the parking lot near Berlin Enterprise.

It was also recalled at the October open day that here the crossover body will be built using a new technology, using a traction battery as an element of the power frame and two large body parts. In premise it can be inferred that the development of this technology requires some sacrifices.

Recently it became known that the first batch of 250 BOD assembled at an enterprise in Germany did not conform to Tesla according to product quality criteria, now requiring the company to produce another 2000 Tesla Model Y bodies for additional testing requirements.

The manufacturer will be able to produce 500 bodies per week even before permission is obtained for the full operation of the enterprise, all these products will be intended for debugging technology and testing, they will not be on sale It is not specified when Enterprises around Berlin will be able to start completed operations.

Tesla’s ability to increase production of electric vehicles this year will depend in part on its introduction. So far the Model 3 and Model Y electric vehicles are supplied to the European market from the company’s Chinese venture, the Model Y for the US market. Must be assembly.

Also debut in a new facility in Texas Tesla Model Y becomes the best-selling premium crossover in China in 2021 Tesla Mode L Y electric car whose sales started in China in early 2021, reaching new heights in December 2021 continues.

The electric crossover was recognized as the best-selling premium crossover in China, surpassing both electric powered cars and cars with internal combustion engines. The Tesla Model 3 and Model Y produced at the company’s factory in Shanghai were impressive in the past month alone.

Tesla has sold 70847 such electric vehicles over the years, with sales of electric vehicles produced in Shanghai reaching a staggering 437 078 units which is roughly equivalent.

Tesla’s total production volumes in 2020 at factories in the United States and Tesla Model Y sales in China, as well as worldwide according to the Chinese Passenger Car Association CPCA 40500 Tesla Model Y, continue to increase throughout the year.

The country took the second position with a huge margin making it the country’s best-selling premium SUV in December 2021 with 14 087 registered cars. Mercedes-Benz GLC by Lee One closes the top three.

With 13072 such cars registered, the Tesla Model Y has become the most popular premium SUV in China by the end of 2021.

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