Tesla will resume deliveries of the Model X and Model S outside the United States in just one year

Tesla will resume deliveries of the Model X and Model S outside the United States in just a year, as most automakers focus on supplying the more expensive and profitable Models this year, but Tesla plans to intervene in the case.

So the first quarter saw no production of Model X and Model electric vehicles at all. After the company was forced to suspend shipments of these machines outside the United States in the spring of this year, Model S and Model X orders Several Tesla customers who delivered started complaining about the delay in delivery.

Only in the second quarter did the company release no more than two thousand three hundred and forty copies of both models, in the third quarter the production volume increased to eight thousand nine hundred and one electric vehicle but it was still there.

Styling of the Tesla model has started in less than twice that of a year ago, only to be taken off the assembly line when an updated version of the Model X crossover began reaching customers only in October, Now Electric reports. Tesla’s European customers have started receiving letters.

In which the company apologizes in advance for the delay in delivery. Model S and Model X placed on orders and before the second half of next year servers warned about the potential to resume deliveries of new cars. Outside the US, the more affordable Model 3 and Model Y can see a good number of older models in China.

The Model S is produced only in the United States in conditions of limited production volumes, Tesla decided to give preference to the domestic market, due to the fact that it continued to take orders during the transition to production of the restricted model.

But could not really meet this demand, even played against the company. The company is now forced to suspend accepting orders for the Model X and Model S from outside North America. The good news is that electric vehicles ordered prior to the mentioned models will be delivered to customers including Tesla Model 3 and Y electric cars at the prices determined at the time of order.

Will receive a universal Super Klaxon Tesla is expected to add new equipment to the Model 3 and Model Y electric cars of the 2022 Model Y including a universal Super Klaxon a speaker that combines the functions of a horn and alarm system, it said in a statement. stated in. Is the document of the German-language Tesla company published on the website.

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