Tesla will start assembling the Model Y

Tesla will begin assembling the Model Y electric crossover in Texas in March 2022. A fresh round of discussions on the subject has taken off at the factory. The start of mass production of the crossover will be the Austin plant just around the corner.

Tesla’s second mission in the United States besides assembling facility cars is another important mission it will assemble the Model Y here for the first time with new battery cells we’re talking about standard sizes.

4680 Thanks to this it will be possible reduce the cost of the battery Note that it is the batteries that are the most expensive among electric machines Note that in this case the battery will be integrated into the body Similar machines will be assembled at the plant in Berlin when it begins.

Working Now the brand’s headquarters is located next to the Tesla plant. According to the Austin publication Electric the company will operate at full capacity twenty-two by the end of March a certain number of times at the same time although the cars can be assembled now we are talking are.

Old Battery Cells of Electric Cars 2170 Later Production Site in Austin May Become Key to Tesla Cyber ‚Äč‚ÄčTruck pickup and semi-electric truck will be assembled in 2023 It is expected here.

Sales figures for both electric cars and cars with internal combustion engines Tesla Model 3 and Model Y produced at the company’s factory in Shanghai were impressive. Tesla has sold only seven such electric vehicles in the past month. The vehicle is produced in Shanghai.

Tesla reached a staggering 437 078 units which is roughly equal to total production volumes in factories in 2020 in the United States and China as Tesla Model Y sales in China continued to grow as well as worldwide Chinese throughout the year. According to the passenger car association CPCA 40 500 Tesla Model Y were registered in the country.

December 2021 making it the best-selling premium SUV in the country was second with a huge margin of 14 087 cars taken by Lee One with registered Mercedes-Benz GLC closes the top three such 13 072 cars were registered Also Tesla The model has become y.

Most Popular Premium SUV by the end of 2021 Overall 169 853 such cars were registered during the year The second place with more than twenty thousand registered cars is BMW x3 . Third place occupied by Audi q5. which went to one hundred and twenty nine. Sold 9100 units data published by the Chinese Federation of Passenger Cars indicates.

The Celestial Empire increasingly prefers electric traction cars and also confirmed the growing importance of the Tesla brand in the automotive market for the entire 2021 Model Y sales volume in China for the whole 2021 results. The amount of three units which allowed it to get the first position in the premium crossover segment is the BMW x3 car in the second place.

Indicator of one hundred and forty nine thousand seven hundred and forty two The third line of the sales rating was taken 139 . With the result of the Audi Q5 car sold 909 units by the Tesla electric crossover or close by sales of its nearest rival of over twenty thousand units which indicates a clear shift in interest in electric vehicles

Additional information about the company will be known on January 26 when Elon will summarize the results of the year Tesla Model Y became the best-selling premium crossover in China in 2021 Tesla Model Y electric car whose sales in China initially began It continues to reach new heights of 2021.

In December 2021 the electric crossover was recognized as the best selling premium crossover crossover in China with both electric powered cars and cars

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