Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo – Elon Musk Announces Cybertruck, Then Everyone’s Surprised

Tesla’s Cyber Rodeo

So let’s know in detail, what Elon Musk said in his grand event, the enthusiasm of the people towards Elon Musk was visible, I have put another post about it, and I think you have a good idea about him. Be aware, so I have once again told about Cyber ​​Rodeo, this will give you more information.

Elon Musk said, “Welcome to CyberAudio, when you first started Tesla, I thought maybe we had a 10 chance of being successful, This is now our sixth major factory, and now we’re on three continents.” So it’s really great for us to have two.

The major auto plant in North America is a terrible factory in China and one in Europe. This is going to be a huge improvement for Tesla and it’s also the global headquarters of Tesla, Why Austin actually asked the Tesla team because as you know That California is great and we are continuing to expand in California.

Will it be the biggest factory?

But we’re running. We’ve run out of room, and so we need a place where we can really grow up and there’s no place like Texas, what I need is this little one to give you a sense of the size of this thing. No, but if you put the building on its side, it will be taller than Burj Khalifa.

That measures the height of one’s own feet it is equal to three pentagons it is the largest factory building the world concern by volume ld prototypes know they require spec and they are not easy but easy production is difficult relative to production prototypes .

This building is the most advanced car factory the earth has ever seen the great work of the team, in Fremont California, but we learned a lot from it, there is a lot of movement between the buildings, where the buildings were different, and the things that He really has to think like a chip.

An integrated circuit ties everything together in one package, and it’s a matter of raw materials, they form into a cell then form into a pack, then we pack the front and back body. The pack itself is structural, And out comes a finished product, so it’s a raw material in one way cars.

What is Tesla aiming for with the Model Y program?

So we’re building our own battery cells, we think the most advanced cell in the world is here in Giga Texas, and we think, over time it’ll probably be the biggest cell factory in the world, because I I am saying that this is a revolutionary car creation.

Which basically consists of three major parts making a car a casper a structural pack and a cast front, it is the greatest casting machines ever made, and making a car like this is a crazy thing, it has never been done before Gaya, when we were trying to figure out what we were, the six major casting makers in the world.

With a lot of effort and great ideas for the team we have worked very efficiently to build the world’s largest casting machine and radically simplify manufacturing. We’re just targeting with the Model Y program, to get half a million units a year and then we’re going to start building the Cyber ​​truck here next year.

We’re going to move forward on a truly massive scale no company has ever achieved in the history of humanity, and we need to, in order to convert the world to sustainable energy, on a large scale dedicated to full self-driving There is going to be robo taxi, which is looking beautiful fruit.

Will next year be in production with the Roadster and Semi?

It’s going to look like it’s going to look quite futuristic and of course we’ve got the Tesla robot Optimus, I think Optimus will survive what it means, what the economy means so it will enable you to know basically anything.

Humans don’t want to do Optimus, and then we’ve got to do this, we have a shot for version one of Optimus to be in production next year, and this is the Cyber ​​Truck, next year we’ll be in production with the Cyber ​​Truck, Next year we will be in production with the Roadster and with the Semi.

Now we will deliver our first tesla cars made in texas so we break the window again don’t get my hammer this time but i forgot the hammer anyway so what on welcome fronts you guys very little want me to do it.

I think I broke it down here and there, I don’t know if we’ll pass next time, I promise, before you say anything about Cyber ​​Truck Cyber ​​Truck that you see it there it’s worth it it’s worth the wait.

Let us understand in easy points:-
      • It’s going to be awesome I think it will be a great job and you can see some changes we haven’t already made a handle that needs a card.
      • It can tell that it needs to be opened so I think we’re going to bring you an incredible Cyber ​​Truck product next year.
      • And there’s no other truck than that fails everything else, this is the only one you need, can’t wait to make it here.
      • And forgive you for the delay. It’s been an intense two years, but we’ll keep it for you next year.
      • It’s going to be great, and it’s going to be like a whole one kick-ass product after another starting next year, and then some cool stuff that we haven’t even talked about.
      • Here at Tesla we believe in throwing great parties so let’s get this party started and have a great time tonight.

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