Tesla’s Elon Musk CEO is getting ready to shock the automotive industry by announcing the Tesla Model 2 Electric

Tesla’s Elon Musk CEO is getting ready to shock the automotive industry by announcing the Tesla Model 2 Electric, which will have higher performance, be economical and include an autonomous driving capability, will compete with the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Bolt.

Tesla enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the launch of the Model 2. According to recent reports in Chinese media, Tesla has already rolled out a new vehicle version and is preparing to start production at its Giga Shanghai plant.

According to a single concept drawing released by Tesla, this is the first Tesla Model 2 to be manufactured outside the United States.

The design of the new concept car is encouraging and unlike anything else we have seen, the Model 2 will have a state-of-the-art appearance as it will be manufactured.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Chinese projects will be popular around the world due to the high quality of Chinese art. In fact the Chinese have long been known for their innovation sharpness and wit, thus making China the best place to explore and execute design.

Novel and surprising idea Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed his intention to build an RD center in China at the handover ceremony of the first Made in China Model 3s in Shanghai, where the company will build a vehicle for the entire world.

The automobile will be targeted at the Chinese market, but it will also be available in the United States and other countries that will be super cool so we’re going to do that Musk, which was intended to be an original for worldwide consumption in China during the unveiling. Is. To design a car is to make China.

According to Musk, I believe this is going to be really exciting. Sources suggest that the chassis of the vehicle is built on the chassis of the Model 3 which is in line with Tesla’s decision to make the Model 2 a hatchback , They said. , Making the manufacturing process both fast and streamlined is certainly related to the cost of manufacturing an electric vehicle electric automobile.

When the first Tesla Roadster was released in 2008. So Tesla had to sell its cars at high prices and charge a lot of money, the first Tesla Roadster has a battery of 53 kWh and a range of 230 miles, but it costs more than 60 thousand dollars.

Automobile manufacturers have been able to reduce the price of their electric cars because the cost of electric vehicle components has dropped dramatically. Powered by a 52 kilowatt-hour battery, take a look at the Renault Zoe, this electric super mini car with a single charge.

Electric cars cost less than 30,000 in just 13 years; the sector has come a long way, resulting in Tesla being able to produce cheaper electric vehicles without the financial setback.

The upcoming Tesla Model 2 hatchback will be revolutionary. The new lithium iron phosphate battery will be more efficient, safer and cheaper than the 4680 battery, at the same event Tesla unveiled its more reasonably priced automobile. The company also introduced a new battery technology called Tablet Battery.

The table battery’s design uses an innovative type of connection to link individual cells together compared to the 4680 battery, allowing Tesla’s newly introduced tablet battery to store up to five times more energy than its predecessor.

It will also have six times more power capacity than before, resulting in a more than 16 percent increase in overall range, which are also about 35 percent smaller than conventional batteries.

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